A Chrome extension which allows users to tag any url in a web page so we can later recognize them.
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This Google Chrome extension will allow users to mark urls as 'green' or 'red' so it's easy to discern the interesting pages ('green') from the others ('red').

This tools might come in handy in some situations:

  • a user goes through hundreds of product pages and she wants to mark the useful ones with 'green' and the bad with 'red'. The next time she sees the bad page or url it'll be already marked with 'red'.
  • a user wants to easily identify newly items added to a page. If all the known urls were previously marked with 'red', the new urls in the page will show as not marked.

Example usage

  • navigate to www.airbnb.com and search for a term like 'paris'
  • click on the 'clippy' icon from the Chrome's toolbar
  • in the permission request popup, allow Clippy to access the www.ebay.com data
  • right click on the first search result and select 'X - Clippy > Mark link: RED'
  • refresh the page and you'll notice the marked linked with a small red circle in the upper left corner.
  • open the second search result link in a new tab, right click on the page (NOT on a link) and select 'X - Clippy > Mark page: GREEN'
  • go back to the search result page, refresh and notice how the other link is marked with a green circle.


  • all data is stored locally and it'll not sync with other browsers
  • to delete all stored data just disable the extension
  • doesn't work on any website, for example www.amazon.com keeps changing the urls at each page refresh so saved urls cannot be found in the reloaded page.