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CSScript Editor

This application allows you to edit .cscript files (including public properties) outside CraftStudio.

This is usefull for web player debugging for instance.
Note that you can't read scripts inside projects that are open in a CraftStudio server (you need to stop the server).
The projects and scripts data are saved in an EditorData.txt file in the application's root folder.
Due to Unity's native GUI limitations you can't browse script under the line 3500.


Check the build folder.

Public properties

The scripts's public properties (if any) are found at the top of the script and follow this pattern :

name type defaultValue
  • The name, type and defaultValue must be separated by at least one space and must exist on the same line.
  • The type may be boolean, number or string.
  • When the property is of type string, its value must be enclosed in double quotation marks (").
  • You may delete, move or modify any existing properties or add new properties.

Ie :

isAlive boolean true
health  number  52.8
name string "John"