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Commits on Nov 06, 2012
@EricR EricR Merge pull request #8 from florentsolt/master
Montage support
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
@mroth mroth add development dependencies to gemspec and Rakefile
This allows tests to be run via `rake` (needed for CI), and specifies
all required gems for testing so that bundler knows what to use for
@mroth mroth ignore test output files in gitignore 1b55357
@mroth mroth first stab at a travis-ci run ca62da4
@mroth mroth use shared examples to eliminate duplicate code 8e6ae13
@brandondrew brandondrew grammar fix to README
"your thing" not "you're thing"
@brandondrew brandondrew clarified README with improved word choice
It's confusing to say "that ImageMagick library doesn't expose the entire ImageMagick library".  I think this is clearer.
@mroth mroth fix annotate command
annotate expects two arguments, one of which IM wants to see surrounded
with quotes or it barfs.  The default auto argument quoting behavior of
image_sorcery screws this up.  This change prevents the autoquoting for
the -annotate argument so that quoted/escaped strings may be passed
@mroth mroth expose convenience methods for Image width and height
return as integers to avoid all the `to_i` people do otherwise
Commits on Dec 29, 2012
@EricR EricR Merge pull request #9 from mroth/testing
Automated testing via travis-ci
@EricR EricR Merge pull request #10 from brandondrew/patch-1
grammar fix to README
@EricR EricR Merge pull request #11 from brandondrew/patch-2
clarified README with improved word choice
@EricR EricR Improved the README a bit. f27ea8e
@EricR EricR Merge pull request #12 from mroth/dimensions
expose convenience methods for Image width and height
@EricR EricR Convert dimensions values to integers 344d7bb
@EricR EricR Make our tests pass again b8c4e2d
@EricR EricR Merge pull request #13 from mroth/annotate
fix annotate command
Commits on Dec 30, 2012
@tmaier tmaier Use subject in specs 84769fb
@tmaier tmaier Remove dog-2.jpeg as it will be created automatically 6b090db
@tmaier tmaier Add failing specs 5d1e022
@tmaier tmaier Replace file when format changes 0f2621d
@tmaier tmaier Add image case into own group 6d785d1
@tmaier tmaier Add failing specs for multi page pdf 3f414ed
@tmaier tmaier Add file and filename_changed? method 6c78436
@tmaier tmaier Add handling of format change at multi page pdf
File variable can be "filename-*.ext". So later following image manipulations will affect all layers.
@tmaier tmaier Add documentation to readme 474d61a
@tmaier tmaier Do not replace file if conversion to same format fc240c0
@tmaier tmaier Clean up files after each example 46a9545
@tmaier tmaier Fix for inconsistent behaviour of GraphicsMagick
It also handles the case when `:layer => "0,1,5"`
Commits on Jan 05, 2013
@tmaier tmaier Refactor #replace_file 9e0fa85
@tmaier tmaier Refactor #manipulate! 840ca78
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@EricR EricR Merge pull request #15 from tmaier/feature/format-support
:format support for manipulate! (mogrify)
Commits on Jan 16, 2013
@EricR EricR Changed Sorcery class to ImageSorcery, as to now conflict with anothe…
…r gem
@EricR EricR Bumped version to 1.1, updated gemspec 1039c99
@EricR EricR Fixed merge conflicts 28b10e4
@EricR EricR Update README df582fc
@EricR EricR Oops a9648f8
@EricR EricR Wow I'm really not with it today 90ce4a6
@EricR EricR Include build status in readme b208267
@EricR EricR Update README.markdown 732b53d
@EricR EricR There we go. 009e430
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
@EricR EricR Update README.markdown 85643a5
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
@EricR EricR Add composite command 353c419
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