Calibrates CO2 checkers/Bromothymol blue-based pH kits for any given CO2 target by using NaHCO3
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Perl CGI script to calculate the KH needed to acheive any given CO2 target (using CO2 = 3 * dKH * 10^(7-pH)).  This is applicable in CO2 drop checkers, which use a reaction between CO3 (aka, dKH) and Bromothymol blue, which turns a certain color for certain pHs; however, we can also make certain assumptions about our (human's) ability to perceive color, then model some cool things with CO2 ranges.  This calculator does the straight calculation for KH as well as a model for the color perception assumption.  It can work with one or two drop checkers, with the advantage of the latter being we can make a fairly accurate (+/- 2.5ppm CO2) very cheap (~$20) test for Co2.  

The script includes instructions for use, demonstration pictures, and outputs instructions on how gardeners can calibrate solutions using plain old Baking Soda (NaHCO3); however, all this is inline in the code and needs to be fixed.