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Cat gifs on demand. Please to add moar cats.

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cat gifs on demand for any occasion or project. GET any resource for moar cats. No 5xx or 4xx's here: just cat gifs.

Use it anywhere you need a cat gif! For example

<img src='' alt='a random cat gif!'/>

or something like this to click for new cat gifs

  <div id="catcontainer" onclick="moarcats();">
    <img src="" alt="random cat"/>

  <script type="text/javascript">
    function moarcats() {
      var catcontainer = document.getElementById("catcontainer");
      catcontainer.innerHTML = '<img src="" alt="random cat"/>';
      return false;

Also allows cross origin requests.

automagicly get moar cats!

wait, first here's a cat!


try /auto!

  • every 60s is a new cat
  • click the image to immediately get moar cats
  • the X-cat-link header has a direct link to the current random cat

omg /netcat!!

try /netcat out!

  • drag him around!
  • type moar cats for an adorable cat!

Awesome right? Fuck yeah here's another cat


need a random link generator or a specific cat?

you can haz! try /random is a static cacheable cat, like this motherfucker right here


want to see a shitton of cats OMG YES PLEASE!!!??!?

well here's one right now!


  • /all for a list of all cat gifs
  • /all/count for a count of all cat gifs
  • /all/show to show all cat gifs. May be slow!

oh no it needs a CDN

After getting hit by social networks bandwidth became prohibitive, so enter a CDN from the nice folks at EdgeCast. During high traffic periods, you may find your self redirected to /meow,which serves a cacheable image from /cats.


This is released under the Kitty License. If you like this code you should scratch your nearest cat.



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