Calculates and charts values of DIY fertilizers for planted aquariums.
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Yet Another Nutrient Calculator


  • Support for more than 25 compounds/DIY fertilizers.
  • Support for more than 30 commerical products.
  • Calculates all macro and micronutrients.
  • Calculates dosing for the three most popular DIY methods (EI, PPS-Pro, and PMDD).
  • Friendly input: you could use 3/4, 0.75, or 0,75 teaspoons, for example.
  • Dry dosing or solutions for target or dose or teaspoon or bottlecap.
  • Solubility checks.
  • Toxicity checks and a wiki for Copper.
  • Warnings for tricky compounds (ex: K3PO4, EDDHA Iron, etc)
  • Mobile-friendly interface available at
  • Approved by PlantBrain/Tom Barr!
  • Interactive, zoomable, fancy charts (via HighCharts )
  • Modelling projections for your first month of dosing by method (EI, PPS-Pro, etc) as well as suggested guidelines for each method.
  • Translations in Dutch, German, Japanese, Brazillian Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish
  • Open source!
  • Super gross and the code is all over the place, thanks for understanding :)


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