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# vim: set filetype=ruby et sw=2 ts=2:
require 'gem_hadar'
GemHadar do
name 'active_record_mutex'
path_name 'active_record/database_mutex'
author 'Florian Frank'
email ''
homepage "{name}"
summary 'Implementation of a Mutex for Active Record'
description 'Mutex that can be used to synchronise ruby processes via an ActiveRecord'\
' datababase connection. (Only Mysql is supported at the moment.)'
test_dir 'test'
ignore '.*.sw[pon]', 'pkg', 'Gemfile.lock', '.DS_Store', 'coverage',
readme ''
licenses << 'GPL-2'
dependency 'mysql2', '~>0.3.0'
dependency 'activerecord', '>= 4.0', '<6'
dependency 'tins', '~> 1.12'
development_dependency 'test-unit', '~>3.0'
development_dependency 'byebug'
development_dependency 'simplecov'