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2014-09-26 * 1.1.0 * Depend on tins ~ 1.0
2012-05-31 * 1.0.10 * Use rewind to force IO#lineno to be reset.
2012-05-31 * 1.0.9 * Reopen file in :top mode at the beginning.
2011-12-24 * 1.0.8 * Support simplecov.
2011-07-15 * 1.0.7 * Use gem_hadar to shorten Rakefile.
2011-06-25 * 1.0.6 * Create a gem spec file again.
* Added a File::Tail::Group to tail multiple files more easily.
2010-03-25 * 1.0.5 * Added rtail executable, a nice app to supervise logfiles
and logdirs.
* Disabled creation of gem spec file.
* Cleaned up documentation a bit.
2009-08-21 * 1.0.4 * Fixed the threaded tests for Ruby 1.9.
* Create a gem spec file.
* Some cleanup.
2008-04-07 * 1.0.3 * Danny Colligan <> reported a
memory leak in long running scripts using file-tail. I
think this might be a ruby related problem, which is
caused/aggravated by using yield after having &block
parameter in a method. I changed file-tail to only use, which seems to improve the memory behaviour. I
am still not sure, where the problem actually stems
from, though.
2007-04-19 * 1.0.2 * make_doc.rb was missing from the source archive. Thanks to
Rick Ohnemus <> for reporting it.
2007-04-19 * 1.0.1 * Bugfix: File::Tail::Logfile#open with block, now closes
the file like File#open does. Found by Alex Doan
<>, ruby-talk:248383.
2007-03-30 * 1.0.0 * Bugfix: reported, that file
tails may skip some log file lines, after rotating it. I
think, that I fixed that problem.
I added a after_reopen callback as well, that is called
after reopening of the tailed file has occured.
* Removed rewind/wind methods even earlier than planned: I
placed the deprecation warning for rewind method in File
instead of File::Tail, which caused rewind to stop working
completely after loading file/tail. Duh! I blame vim's
matchit, because it jumped to the wrong end keyword.
2007-02-08 * 0.1.4 * Renamed rewind method to backward, and wind method to
forward, because someone already had the good idea to name
a method IO#rewind, which was overwritten by the mixed in
File::Tail methods. The old methods are now deprecated and
will be removed in a new 0.2.x version of the library.
* Added a bit more of documentation.
2005-08-20 * 0.1.3 * Applied LOAD_PATH patch by Daniel Berger, binary mode
changes were already in the CVS. Seemed to be like cheating
to me, though. ;)
* Skipping one windows test for the moment, too. Sigh!
2004-09-30 * 0.1.2 * First Rubyforge release
* Added Rakefile
* Supports gem build now.
2004-09-01 * 0.1.1 * Josh Endries <> found a bug
that caused File::Tail to malfunction on FreeBSD.
Hotfix: Use a side effect of seek to clearerr the tailed
file handle after EOFError has been raised.
2004-04-13 * 0.1.0 * API documentation with rdoc.
* return_if_eof attribute added.
* Added array return mode for finite tail call without block
* install.rb now uses ruby version site_dir.
* Some code and directory structure cleanup.
2002-08-02 * 0.0.2 * Heavy refactoring, more and smaller methods
and expception handling
* Added check for inode and device equality of files
as suggested by
James F.Hranicky <> and
Curt Sampson <> to cover remove
* If filesize shrinks suddenly, File::Tail assumes that
copy and truncate rotation has happend: The file
is reopened and every new line is handled.
* NFS-Fix: Errno::ESTALE is caught.
* wind added to skip the first n lines, as
James F.Hranicky's suggested and changed
name of last-method to rewind, because I liked
his method names better than mine ;)
* Renamed next to tail either.
* The API has changed - but I think very few people
care at the moment.
* Lots of tests added.
2002-07-30 * 0.0.1 * Initial Release
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