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Commits on Feb 12, 2015
  1. SHIBATA Hiroshi

    use ZALLOC if it can be used, and defined ZALLOC macro.

    hsbt authored committed
  2. SHIBATA Hiroshi

    sync trunk again: fixed regression of r49027

    hsbt authored committed
Commits on Jan 9, 2015
  1. Bump version number to 1.8.2

  2. Add to CHANGES

  3. Michael Mac-Vicar

    Make generator format test backwards compatible

    mmacvicar authored committed
  4. Michael Mac-Vicar

    Use space_before as documented in the generator

    mmacvicar authored committed
    This option was already documented but not implemented, allows setting
    the separator used before the ":" during generation.
  5. Michael Mac-Vicar

    Add test for format options used by the generator

    mmacvicar authored committed
    The space_before, space, indent, object_nl and array_nl options of the
    space were not covered.
  6. Juanito Fatas

    Use the new build env on Travis.

    JuanitoFatas authored committed
  7. Jesse Cooke

    CI with current rbx-2

    jc00ke authored committed
Commits on Jan 8, 2015
  1. Bump version number to 1.8.2

Commits on Jan 3, 2015
Commits on Jan 2, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #225 from mmacvicar/fix-space-before

    JSON::State is not using the parameter space_before
  2. Merge pull request #226 from bbrowning/runtimeinfo-contention-fix

    Improve JRuby perf. by removing source of multithreaded contention
  3. Ben Browning

    Improve JRuby perf. by removing source of multithreaded contention

    bbrowning authored committed
    The RuntimeInfo.forRuntime method synchronizes all invocations and
    ParserSession#parseString was calling this many times when parsing
    large JSON strings. Thus, when running in a heavily multithreaded
    environment, threads were spending a large portion of their time
    waiting on that synchronization instead of doing work parsing the
    This fix simply passes in the RuntimeInfo object to the ParserSession
    when it's instantiated, since the RuntimeInfo is already known and
    we've already incurred the synchronization cost at that time.
    Using the test script at, I get the
    following results before and after this fix on my machine:
        $ jruby ~/tmp/json_contention.rb
        337.920000 0.570000 338.490000 ( 57.955000)
        $ jruby ~/tmp/json_contention.rb
        326.400000 0.580000 326.980000 ( 43.084000)
    That's a 25% reduction in processing time for parsing the same JSON on
    my quad core machine. I'd expect an even higher percentage improvement
    on a machine with more CPUs.
  4. Iain Beeston

    Added ruby-head to travis allowed-failures

    iainbeeston authored committed
    This is probably a contraversial idea. ruby-head can be fairly unstable
    but then json is a core gem. At least if it's an allowed-failure then
    builds will always be run against ruby-head, but pull requests (and
    master) won't report build failures if something is broken in ruby-head
  5. Jason R. Clark

    Don't mutate JSON.dump_default_options from dump

    jasonrclark authored committed
    The use of Hash#update from the JSON.dump method was mutating the
    dump_default_options hash on any call to dump with a limit provided. An
    individual method call with an overriding value shouldn't update the
    defaults in this way.
  6. No binstubs

  7. Reindented

  8. Vipul A M

    Document `Rational` json generation methods.

    vipulnsward authored committed
  9. Vipul A M

    Document `Complex` json generation methods.

    vipulnsward authored committed
  10. Vipul A M

    Use method_defined? to check if method exists instead of slower check…

    vipulnsward authored committed
    … on instance_methods
  11. Daniel Grippi

    Update json-java.gemspec

    danielgrippi authored committed
    Pluralize "license" to match other gemspecs.
  12. Ignacio Galindo

    Fix typo in comment

    joiggama authored committed
  13. Merge pull request #228 from JuanitoFatas/patch/travis-new-build-env

    Use the new build env on Travis.
  14. Merge pull request #230 from jc00ke/patch-1

    CI with current rbx-2
  15. Fix typo

  16. Merge branch 'ruby-2.2' of into zzak-rub…

Commits on Dec 28, 2014
  1. SHIBATA Hiroshi
Commits on Dec 27, 2014
  1. Zachary Scott

    Ignore generated files

    zzak authored
  2. Zachary Scott
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