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JSON.parse :symbolize_names => true does not work in every case #70

isuda opened this Issue · 1 comment

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If you try to parse this json with :symbolize_names, the parser will throw an "interning empty string" exception when trying to convert the empty string to a symbol.

{"":"this is weird","state":"success"}

I'm not sure if there is any good way to "fix" this problem, or if it needs fixing. You could argue that if you could get JSON in that format you shouldn't be using :symbolize_names. I just thought I would report it.

I like using the :symbolize_names option, but it sucks that it will fail in this specific way on valid json. (even if that json is weird...)


Yes, I don't think we can really work around that, as mangling the data wouldn't be an acceptable option IMO. Perhaps the best solution is to mention it in the documentation so that people are more aware of this limitation? Same thing applies to nulls: :"\0" will fail on Ruby 1.8, just like JSON.parse('{"foo\u0000": "bar"}', :symbolize_names=>true).

Both restrictions are lifted on Ruby 1.9, by the way. I can't remember any other symbol name restrictions right now.

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