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gseen.mod is a seen module for eggdrop that tracks not only the users in the
bot's userfile, but everyone who enters one of the bots channels.
It does pretty much the same as the popular script bseen and has a few
additional features like AI-seen and seen-notification.
It's also way faster than any corresponding script because scripts are always
much slower than modules. Especially scripts that deal with large amount of
data often become incredible slow.


gseen.mod is written for eggdrop1.6, but it should also work with eggdrop 1.4.
It has been reported to work with eggdrop 1.8, but I did not test it
myself on that version.

You need the eggdrop source to compile the module.

The following instructions assume, ~/eggdrop1.6.2/ is the directory
where you installed your eggdrop from. (of course, other source dirs
will work as well)

Put gseen.mod.1.1.2.tar.gz in ~/eggdrop1.6.2/src/mod/,
and unpack it (tar xfz gseen.mod.1.1.2.tar.gz). Change directory
back to ~/eggdrop1.6.2/.

Now just do what you've done when you compiled your bot:
"make config" (you can skip this command on eggdrop 1.4)
"make install"

Don't forget to copy the langfiles from eggdrop1.6.2/src/mod/gseen.mod/ to

All settings can be found in ~/eggdrop1.6.2/src/mod/gseen.mod/gseen.conf
Copy it to your eggdrop directory, edit it to fit your needs and put
"source gseen.conf" at the end of your eggdrop config file. The last thing
to do is to .rehash your bot.

Public commands:

!seen <nick>
  I think this command doesn't need an explanation. ^_^
!seen <mask>
  Searches the database for entries that match <mask>
  for example "!seen *!user@dialin-*"
!seennick <nick>
  !seen also checks if a user was online later with a
  different nick. !seennick only seens for <nick>
  just a little report on how many nicks are tracked

All commands are also accessible via /msg.
("/msg <bot> seen <nick>", for example)

AI seen:

This module has a simple built in AI routine.
A short example:

<G`Quann> Argo: have you seen Fabian recently?
<|Argo|> G`Quann, fabian ( was last seen quitting
from #eggdev 1 week 4 days 9 hours 40 minutes 56 seconds ago
(20.02. 01:39) stating ".....zzzzZZZzzZZZzZZZZZZZZZZzzz..".

Well, it's not a very intelligent AI, it's rather brute-force. So don't
forget to use the ai-seen-ignore setting.
I know that's not coded very elegant, but if you configure it correctly,
the failure-rate is way lower than with other AI scripts...

DCC commands:

  just the same as the public versions
  deletes expired data (this also happens automatically once a day)

Channel Settings:

	don't log any seen data in this channel
	send answers directly via notice to the person who asked and
	don't bother the rest of the channel with the reply
	same as +quietseens, but for AI seens
	ignore every seen-command in this channel

TCL commands:

There are no special tcl commands, only the usual bind procs.

The only one that should be mentioned is:

*pubm:seen <nick> <uhost> <hand> <chan> <text>
  triggers the AI seen
  returns: 1 if a reply was sent, 0 otherwise

So if you're using another AI script on your bot, you can modify it to
use this proc and avoid doubled replies this way.


There is absolutely NO WARRANTY on this module. I do my best to make it
work properly, but if anything gets screwed up, I'm not responsible. Use
this module at your own risk.


The newest gseen version can always be found at:

Thanks to:

- Fabian for teaching me plenty of things
- everyone who tested the many buggy development versions :)
- the eggdev team for developing eggdrop

Most of all, I would like to thank Bass for writing bseen.tcl because alot
of the ideas for this module came from using that tcl script. It's still the
most powerful seen script, so if you want something that's easier to use than
a module, get a copy of bseen.tcl.


gseen.mod is an eggdrop module for providing information when users were last seen on a channel.






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