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Contributing Guide

This page contains guidelines for contributing to vimrcfu. Please review these guidelines before submitting any pull requests to the project.

This contributing guide is based on the original Laravel Contribution Guide.

Which Branch?

All changes targeting the current version should be sent to the dev branch.

Pull Requests

Before sending a pull request for a new feature, you should first create an issue with [Proposal] in the title. The proposal should describe the new feature, as well as implementation ideas. The proposal will then be reviewed and either approved or denied. Once a proposal is approved, a pull request may be created implementing the new feature.

Pull requests for bugs may be sent without creating any proposal issue. If you believe that you know of a solution for a bug that has been filed on GitHub, please leave a comment detailing your proposed fix.

Feature Requests

If you have an idea for a new feature you would like to see added to vimrcfu, you may create an issue on GitHub with [Request] in the title. The feature request will then be reviewed.

Coding Standards

Adherence to coding standard can be enforced with PHP Coding Standards Fixer.

Install with composer global require fabpot/php-cs-fixer @stable and then in the direcotry where you checked out the repository execute: php-cs-fixer fix --config-file="config.php_cs"

The following should be adhered to throughout the code base (Laravel 4.2 Coding Style):

  • Namespace declarations should be on the same line as <?php.
  • Class opening { should be on the same line as the class name.
  • Function and control structure opening { should be on a separate line.


The use of docblocks is required. New code which isn't documented with docblocks for functions will be refused.

When writing @param or @return statements it's encouraged to use the full namespace instead of the reference. This is to improve the readability to know immediatly which type of object you're dealing with.


The current test suite is still being worked on but it is encouraged to write tests for new code and/or features.