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Awesome Sketch Plugins is really awesome for all sorts of vector design work. If you don’t know it, go check it out.

You can develop plugins. There are tons of plugins available and this site aims to highlight the best of them. If you want to add a plugin simply create a new pull-request and I I’ll publish it.


All contributions are welcome!

To add new plugins, look at src/data/plugins.json. All fields are required except for image and description. If you want to provide an image, either add the image to src/assets/img as .png, .jpg or .gif or enter the direct URL. You can use markdown for the description and overview. If the description is very long, you can force a new row by providing expand=true. See an example below:

  "plugins": [{
    "name": "Name for the plugin",
    "url": "The website",
    "author": {
      "name": "The author’s name is displayed next to the plugin name",
      "url": "and links to this url"
    "image": "An optional image path or empty string",
    "expand": true,
    "overview": "A short description",
    "description": "A longer description displayed below the first paragraph. You can use markdown syntax to add links, bold, headlines etc."