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Jeedom can generate is own backup. With this script, you can copy Jeedom backup to an external storage, such as a NAS. The retention policy on the external storage can be define in a variable (DeleteBackupOlderThanXDays). Warning : This script is compatible with PowerShell Core on Linux system. This script is provided AS IS


         PS> ./Invoke-JeedomBackup.ps1 -BackupSrc "/var/www/html/backup" -BackupDest "/mnt/backup" -MountTarget "//" -CredsFile "/root/.backupcreds" -DeleteBackupOlderThanXDays 30

  • BackupSrc : The source folder where Jeedom backups are stored

  • BackupDest : The mount point used to mount the external storage (share)

  • MountTarget : The path to the share on the external storage

  • CredsFile : For security reason, credentials are stored in a un specific file, indicate the path to this file

  • DeleteBackupOlderThanXDays : Retention policy, delete backup older than X days

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