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Format prices in Adobe Campaign (NL.Locale cheatsheet)
adobe campaign



var x = 1234567.89;

// with NL.Locale
loadLibrary('xtk:shared/nl.js'); // for NL
NL.require('/nl/core/jsspcontext.js'); // for NL.Locale
NL.Locale.formatNumber(x) // 1,234,568 (uses default settings from NL.session.locale, see next chapter)
NL.Locale.formatNumber(x, {addSymbol: true}) // $1,234,568

var formatUS = {pattern: '¤#,##0.00', groupSymbol: ',', decimalSymbol: '.', symbol: '$'};
NL.Locale.formatNumber(x, formatUS) // $1,234,567.89

var formatFR = {pattern: '#,##0.00 ¤', groupSymbol: ' ', decimalSymbol: ',', symbol: ''};
NL.Locale.formatNumber(x, formatFR) // 1 234 567,89 €

// with Format
loadLibrary('xtk:common.js'); // for Format
Format.formatNumber(x) // 1,234,567.89

NL.Locale doc

 * @param {Number} number the number to format
 * @param {mixed} format is the format to use:
 *   string: pattern to use
 *   number: number of decimal places for the formatted value
 *   JSON object:
 *     addSymbol
 *     pattern:
 *       0 - represent any digit
 *       # - represent any digit, 0 is shows as absent
 *       . - decimal separator (replaced by format.decimalSymbol)
 *       - - minus sign (replaced by format.minusSign)
 *       , - grouping separator (replaced by format.groupSymbol)
 *       ¤ - currency sign (\u00A4) (replaced by format.symbol)
 * @param {String, optional} defaultReturn String to use when value is not a valid number
 * @return string
 * @throws {Error} When value is not a valid number and defaultReturn is not defined.
function formatNumber(value, format, defaultReturn)

from \usr\local\neolane\nl6\datakit\xtk\fra\js\shared\dataTypes.js

Get your locale regional settings from the current locale NL.session.locale. Example for the en-us locale:

      "longDate":"%A, %D %B, %4Y",
      "time":"%I:%2N:%2S %P",
      "shortDateTime":"%2M/%2D/%4Y %I:%2N:%2S %P",
      "AmPm":["AM", "PM"],
      "shortQuarter":"Q%C %4Y",
      "longQuarter":"%Q %4Y",
      "longMonth":"%B %4Y",
      "longWeek":"%4V - Week %2W",
      "daysName":["Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"],
      "shortDaysName":["Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat"],
      "monthsName":["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"],
      "quartersName":["1st quarter", "2nd quarter", "3rd quarter", "4th quarter"],
      "timeSpanUnits":{"seconds":"s", "minutes":"mn", "hours":"h", "days":"d", "months":"m", "years":"y"},
      "booleanStrings":{"true":"true", "false":"false"},
         "dataSize":[{"symbol":"B", "factor":1}, {"symbol":"kB", "factor":1024}, {"symbol":"MB", "factor":1048576}, {"symbol":"GB", "factor":1073741824}],
         "count":[{"symbol":"", "factor":1}, {"symbol":"k","factor":1000}, {"symbol":"M","factor":1000000},  {"symbol":"G","factor":1000000000}]

The regional settings are defined as a local var _regionSettings in dataTypes.js.

All NL.Locale functions and vars:

NL.Locale.getFormat = function(name, options)
NL.Locale.defaultLanguage = 'en-us';
NL.Locale.getLocale = function (language)
NL.Locale.getValidLanguageFromHttpHeader = function (header, validityCheck)
NL.Locale.NL.session.locale = getLocale(locale);
NL.Locale.parseBoolean =  function(value, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatBoolean = function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.parseString =  function(value, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.parseNumber = function(value, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.parseInt =  function(value, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatNumber =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatInt =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatPercent = function (value, decimalPlaces, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatDataSize = function (value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatWithUnit = function (value, significantFigures, unit, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.getMonthName = function (arg)
NL.Locale._splitFormat = function (format)
NL.Locale.parseDateTime =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.parseDateOnly =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.parseTime =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatDateTime =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatDateOnly =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatTime =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
NL.Locale.formatDatePartial =  function(datePartial, interval, format)
NL.Locale.formatTimeSpan =  function(value, format, defaultReturn)
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