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A boilerplate for console-based data import scripts.
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Console Import Standard Edition

A boilerplate for console-based data import scripts using symfony/console and ddeboer/data-import.


You need Composer to create a new data import script:

$ curl -s | php

After you have installed Composer you can create a new project using the following command:

$ php composer.phar create-project florianeckerstorfer/console-import-standard-edition path/to/install

The sample classes provided in this project reside in the Acme\DemoImport namespace. However, since this project uses PSR-4 I can place the classes directly in the src/ directory. Currently only the Command directory contains a file and you should open it and change the namespace according to your needs. You also have to adapt the namespace in composer.json in the autoload.psr-4 option.


After implementing your import logic in a command you can run the application:

$ php bin/app.php

This will give you a list of all available commands. The demo command is called import and you need to call it the name of a CSV file.

$ php bin/app.php import ~/my-data.csv

Adding Additional Commands

You can add additional commands to the application by creating a command and adding it to the application. Learn more about creating commands in the Console documentation.

# bin/app.php

$console->add(new \Acme\DemoImport\Command\ImportCommand());
$console->add(new \Acme\DemoImport\Command\OtherCommand());


Developed by Florian Eckerstorfer in Vienna, Europe. I am @Florian_ on Twitter. I post updates for my open source projects using the Twitter handle @braincrafted.

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