Weather and Dust send to Sigfox Backend
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Arduino Sigfox Weather

Weather and Dust Values send to Sigfox Backend in an 15 Minute intervall.

Because of a bug, the LowPower.sleep() just works if the programmer is unset, so after programming the arduino, unplug the usb and plug it in again.

Project Parts


Arduino MKR Fox 1200


  • Temperature and Humidity: DHT 22
  • Pressure: BPM 180
  • Dust: Sharp gp2y1010au0f


  • DHT Sensor Library
  • BMP85
  • Arduino Low Power
  • Sigfox MKR

Data Encoding

3 x 4 ASCII Characters

  1. Humidity in form ABCD which converts to ABC,D % relative humidity
  2. Temperature in form ABCD which conerts to BC,D °C A=0 is a positive and A=1 a negative Value
  3. Dust density in form ABCD which converts to ABC,D mg/m³ density of dust