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Convert midi music to ariston wheels
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Midi 2 Ariston

Midi2ariston is a small tool for converting midi music to punch tape, cards or discs for mechanical music instruments as Ariston organettes (which gives the tool its name as it was the first instrument supported), music boxes and street organs.

Midi2Ariston is implemented in Python using the cairo library to produce SVG graphics that can be turned into physical media using a laser cutter ot cutting plotter.

While it is still pretty fresh it already supports checking for pitches not playable by the target instrument and tones not playable due to being too close together (a problem common to music boxes which probe the punch tape with sproket wheel).

For now there are only 3 instruments that are actually tested:

  • Ariston organette (Ariston)
  • 20 note music box (Pling20)
  • 30 note music box (Pling30)

There are a couple of still to be tested instruments - most of them punch tape street organs.

Other instruments can be added easily. New kind of output media can be added by implementing a new class in instruments/ For instruments similar to already existing ones just copy their file in instruments/ and adjust the details like supported pitches and the measurements of the tracks.

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