Use ace ( Cloud9 Editor) within your Rails 3 projects
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This gem provides a generator to download and install ace ( Cloud9 Editor) into your Rails 3 project. It also provides some view helper to setup an editor.


Add the gem to your Gemfile and run bundle.

gem 'ace-rails'

Run the generator to download and install the current version of ace into public/javascripts/ace

rails g ace:install


Use the helper function to create an editor within your view

<%= ace_editor :mode => :css, :content => "body {\n\tfont-size: 12px;\n}" %>

the :mode option could be one of

[:c_cpp, :coffee, :css, :html, :java, :javascript, :php, :python, :ruby, :xml]

you can also specify a :theme option to change the look and feel of the ace editor. By default ace loads the textmate theme. Currentyl available themes are:

[:clouds, :clouds_midnight, :cobalt, :dawn, :eclipse, :idle_fingers, :kr_theme, :mongo_industrial, :monokai, :pastel_on_dark, :twilight]