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TokenStores are used to store valid tokens for the time of their validity. A couple of implementations already exist, but it is also quick and easy to develop your own TokenStore with the help of the provided test framework.

Aware of any other implementations? Let us know

In case you need something different, simply fork one of the exiting TokenStores or start from scratch and implement against passwordless-tokenstore-test, a test framework that makes sure you fulfill all the criteria of the API. It might also be worth having a look at the comments of the API.


Delivery services

You are free to deliver the tokens in any way that suits your needs. The following modules might be a good starting point:

  • emailjs: Straight-forward node.js email client (requires a SMTP server such as your Gmail account)
  • Mandrill: Scalable SMTP infrastructure. They do have a node.js module. In fact, this website uses their services. Free for up to 12k emails per month
  • Sendgrid: Similar to Mandrill. Mature node.js module with good documentation
  • Twilio: Provides APIs for text messages and voice calls. Have a look at the 2-step authentication to get an idea how to implement it

Wrapper around delivery services

The following modules ease the use of external delivery services by offering a thin wrapper customized for Passwordless:

Let us know if you come across any other great ways to send out tokens!