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Heroku on Coffee : Template Project

This is a template project you can use as a starting point in case you want to create a heroku app using node.js with coffee-script.

If you've installed GitHub for Windows, use the MinGW MSYS suite to generate a separate SSH key pair with ssh-keygen -t rsa. Make sure to create a passphrase when prompted, and copy the generated key pair to C:\Users\{Username}\.ssh\. On Windows, these keys are usually stored in C:\Users\{Username}\.ssh\, with GitHub's public key named and MSYS's public key named by default. We want to use the MSYS generated key because Heroku won't let us push our apps without it.

If you're working on "Unix"/Linux/Mac, you probably already have an SSH key pair in $HOME/.ssh. If you need to generate a key pair, the method is similar to that above - just use ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa_heroku -C "Key for Heroku".

Clone this repo and then push to your own Heroku app:

# Clone the repo
$ git clone
$ cd heroku-on-coffee/
$ heroku login

# Switch SSH key to the new one (heroku will prompt you for which one to use)
$ heroku keys:add

# Create the Heroku app or push to an existing app
$ heroku create     # if you don't have an app yet
$ heroku git:remote --add --app {your heroku app name here}   # if you have a blank app ready to use

# Push the app to Heroku
$ git push heroku master

A Demo of this Template (displaying "Hello World") is live at [].