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Guten Tag

Guten Tag is a plugin for Glyphs. It allows you to edit glyph tags from both Font View and Edit View.

  • View and edit your tags from Font View and Edit View.
  • Use autocompletion to prevent typos in tag names.
  • Preview all glyphs for a tag by clicking the disclosure button next to the tag name.
  • Assign, remove, and rename tags using keyboard shortcuts.


  • Navigate between related glyphs using the tag menu.
  • Tokens allow using tags in OpenType feature code: $[tags contains "narrow"].
  • Predicate rules can filter for glyphs by tags, including Smart Filters, master metric scopes, stem scopes, hinting scopes, and guide scopes.

Read the Guten Tag Handbook for more details on Guten Tag and tags in Glyphs.


Plugin Manager

Click the following link to install Guten Tag in Glyphs: Install Guten Tag in Glyphs

Alternatively, open the Plugin Manager in Glyphs by selecting Window → Plugin Manager → Plugins. Search for “Guten Tag” and click Install next to the plugin preview.

Relaunch Glyphs for the plugin to be loaded.

Manual Installation

  1. Download the lastest release from GitHub.
  2. Double-click the Guten Tag.glyphsPalette file. Glyphs will launch and prompt you to confirm the installation.
  3. Quit and relaunch Glyphs. Now you can access Guten Tag in the top right corner of your Glyphs window.


Guten Tag offers a range of configurable preferences.

Glyph Preview Size

The GutenTagGlyphPreviewSize (type: double, default: 36) preference defines the width and height of a glyph preview image in display points. The value must be a positive number.

Run the following line in the Macro panel to set the size (or set the value to None to use the default size):

Glyphs.defaults['GutenTagGlyphPreviewSize'] = 56

Glyph Preview Inset

The GutenTagGlyphPreviewInset (type: double, default: 4) preference controls the inset on all four edges from a glyph preview image in display points. The font size of the glyph preview is as follows:

GutenTagGlyphPreviewSize - (2 * GutenTagGlyphPreviewInset)

Negatives values crop into the image.

Run the following line in the Macro panel to set the inset (or set the value to None to use the default inset):

Glyphs.defaults['GutenTagGlyphPreviewInset'] = 6

Maximum Glyph Preview Count

The GutenTagMaximumGlyphPreviewCount (type: long, default: 1000) preference limits the number of glyph previews shown in the tag menu. This preference is useful since creating glyph previews can be impossibly slow if there are many glyphs for a tag. The default limit of 1000 should be fast enough in most cases. Remove the limit by setting the value to a non-positive number (for example, -1).

Run the following line in the Macro panel to set the count (or set the value to None to use the default count):

Glyphs.defaults['GutenTagMaximumGlyphPreviewCount'] = 200


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.