A sketch plugin to parse your data and populate your design
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Sketch Data Parser


Download the sketch-data-parser.sketchplugin file and double click it to have Sketch install it in the right place.

How it works?

The plugin uses a JSON to populate a list of predefined layers, here is an example :

First, you need to create a group (which will be the model group) with the current naming convention for your editable layers :

$[name of your data]

Example :

Model group

Warning : the current version of the plugin doesn't include sub-folder, so you have to keep your editable layers at the first level of your model group

In a second time you need to create a JSON with your data :

 { "name" : "Doris Chapman", "age" : 32, "diet" : "vegan" },
 { "name" : "Hudson Anderson", "age" : 23, "diet" : "low carb" },

And now you just have to run the plugin, paste the JSON in the prompt and Sketch will automatically duplicate the group for you and populate the new data inside.

Image support

The new version of the plugin is now supporting URL for images. It's working the same way as text, the plugin will automatically detect the URL and will use the image as a pattern for your shape.


If you have suggestions, or want to improve my code just do it!