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Swap is decoupled from any library sending HTTP requests (like Guzzle), instead it uses an abstraction called HTTPlug which provides the http layer used to send requests to exchange rate services.

Below is an example using Guzzle 6:

composer require florianv/laravel-swap php-http/message php-http/guzzle6-adapter



Configure the Service Provider and alias:

// /config/app.php
'providers' => [

'aliases' => [
    'Swap' => Swap\Laravel\Facades\Swap::class

Publish the Package configuration

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Swap\Laravel\SwapServiceProvider"


Configure the Service Provider and alias:

// /boostrap/app.php

// Register the facade
$app->withFacades(true, [
    Swap\Laravel\Facades\Swap::class => 'Swap'

// Load the configuration

// Register the service provider

Copy the configuration to /config/swap.php if you wish to override it.


By default Swap uses the Fixer service, and will fallback to currencylayer and then 1Forge, in case of failure.

If you wish to use different services, you can modify the services configuration:

// app/config/swap.php
'services' => [
    'fixer' => ['access_key' => 'YOUR_KEY'],
    'currency_layer' => ['access_key' => 'secret', 'enterprise' => false],
    'forge' => ['api_key' => 'secret'],

We recommend to use one of the services that support our project, providing a free plan up to 1,000 requests per day.

The complete list of all supported services is available here.


In order to get rates, you can use the latest() or historical() methods on Swap:

// Get the latest EUR/USD rate
$rate = Swap::latest('EUR/USD');

// 1.129

// 2016-08-26

// Get the EUR/USD rate yesterday
$rate = Swap::historical('EUR/USD', Carbon\Carbon::yesterday());


Rates Caching

It is possible to cache rates during a given time using the Laravel cache store of your choice.

// app/config/swap.php
    'options' => [
        'cache_ttl' => 3600
    'cache' => 'file'

Rates are now cached using the Laravel file store during 3600 seconds.

Cache Options

You can override the cache_ttl per request:

// Overrides the global cache ttl to 60 seconds
$rate = Swap::latest('EUR/USD', ['cache_ttl' => 60]);
$rate = Swap::historical('EUR/USD', $date, ['cache_ttl' => 60]);

// Disable the cache
$rate = Swap::latest('EUR/USD', ['cache' => false]);
$rate = Swap::historical('EUR/USD', $date, ['cache' => false]);


Creating a Service

You want to add a new service to Swap ? Great!

First you must check if the service supports retrieval of historical rates. If it's the case, you must extend the HistoricalService class, otherwise use the Service class.

In the following example, we are creating a Constant service that returns a constant rate value.

use Exchanger\Service\Service;
use Exchanger\Contract\ExchangeRateQuery;
use Exchanger\ExchangeRate;
use Swap\Service\Registry;
use Swap\Builder;

class ConstantService extends Service
     * Gets the exchange rate.
     * @param ExchangeRateQuery $exchangeQuery
     * @return ExchangeRate
    public function getExchangeRate(ExchangeRateQuery $exchangeQuery)
        // If you want to make a request you can use
        $content = $this->request('');

        return new ExchangeRate($this->options['value']);

     * Processes the service options.
     * @param array &$options
     * @return array
    public function processOptions(array &$options)
        if (!isset($options['value'])) {
            throw new \InvalidArgumentException('The "value" option must be provided.');

     * Tells if the service supports the exchange rate query.
     * @param ExchangeRateQuery $exchangeQuery
     * @return bool
    public function supportQuery(ExchangeRateQuery $exchangeQuery)
        // For example, our service only supports EUR as base currency
        return 'EUR' === $exchangeQuery->getCurrencyPair()->getBaseCurrency();

In order to register your service, you need to tag it as swap.service in your service provider:

// Create a custom service 'constant_service' that always return 1
$this->app->singleton('constant_service', function ($app) {
    return new ConstantService(null, null, ['value' => 1]);

// Tag the service as 'swap.service'
$this->app->tag('constant_service', 'swap.service');

If you want your service to be called first (before the configured Swap ones), you will need to declare your service provider before the Swap\Laravel\SwapServiceProvider::class in your config/app.php

Supported Services

Here is the complete list of supported services and their possible configurations:

// app/config/swap.php
'services' => [
    'fixer' => ['access_key' => 'YOUR_KEY'],
    'currency_layer' => ['access_key' => 'secret', 'enterprise' => false],
    'forge' => ['api_key' => 'secret'],
    'european_central_bank' => true,
    'national_bank_of_romania' => true,
    'central_bank_of_republic_turkey' => true,
    'central_bank_of_czech_republic' => true,
    'russian_central_bank' => true,
    'webservicex' => true,
    'google' => true,
    'cryptonator' => true,
    'currency_data_feed' => ['api_key' => 'secret'],
    'open_exchange_rates' => ['app_id' => 'secret', 'enterprise' => false],
    'xignite' => ['token' => 'token'],
    'array' => [
            'EUR/USD' => new ExchangeRate('1.1'),
            'EUR/GBP' => 1.5
            '2017-01-01' => [
                'EUR/USD' => new ExchangeRate('1.5')
            '2017-01-03' => [
                'EUR/GBP' => 1.3


We are proudly supported by the following echange rate providers offering free plans up to 1,000 requests per day:


Fixer is a simple and lightweight API for foreign exchange rates that supports up to 170 world currencies. They provide real-time rates and historical data, however, EUR is the only available base currency on the free plan.


Currencylayer provides reliable exchange rates and currency conversions for your business up to 168 world currencies. They provide real-time rates and historical data, however, USD is the only available base currency on the free plan.


1Forge provides Forex and Cryptocurrency quotes for over 700 unique currency pairs. They provide the fastest price updates available of any provider, however, they don’t support smaller currencies or historical data.