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a very simple DNSimple - jQTouch prototype
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DNSimple - jQTouch prototype

This is a very basic Sinatra web application I wrote for fun, testing and learning more about jQTouch for mobile phones. Being familiar with the DNSimple REST API, I thought this was a nice opportunity to transform the command line support, accessible through the dnsimple-ruby gem, into a proxy for accessing DNSimple from a web interface and use it as a simple service back-end. The recommended way for connecting to the DNSimple services, is through their public API.


Getting started

$ git clone
$ cd dnsimple_touch
$ bundle install
$ thin start 

The Thin server will start on port 3000 (default) and you can access the app at:


You can change the port by running Thin like this:

$ thin start -p 8080

You can test the interface within your web browser or if you have the iPhone SDK you can also browse it from Apple's iPhone simulator that you will find it here:


Or you can use iPhoney, as a viable alternative.

You should be able to see this screen from your simulator (spoiler alert):

demo screenshot


  • not exploring the complete feature set of the DNSimple, visit DNSimple for a complete list of features and services
  • this application is using the test version of DNSimple
  • for being able to play and test your own DNSimple app, you'll need to register first with
  • DNSimple is provided by AETRION LLC.
  • This demo is not endorsed by DNSimple


Have fun!

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