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#summary JPublish roadmap.
= JPublish ROADMAP =
===Version 4.00===
*ORM support*
* Cayenne (via JPCayenneModule) --> RC1 version availbe <--
===Version 4.01===
* break the dependency with the VFS
* reduce the dependencies with the PostEdenLib
* add Javolution
*Pluggable Authentication Modules*
* OpenID support
* add the concept of secured Action, secured Resource (core JPublish)
* evaluative roles and resource based permission
* UI admin for user roles, permissions and resource access management
* pluggable permission evaluator
*Quartz scheduler*
* running scheduled jobs; cron-like plugin
* UI admin for scheduled/running jobs
*Distributed cache support through Terracotta*
*Components and Modules*
* ...
===Version 4.02===
* engine
* sitelet
* router
*ORM support*
* Hibernate
*REST support*
* resource mapping and routing support similar to Rails
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