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JPublish is a powerful web publishing system designed to ensure a clean
separation of developer roles. JPublish includes support for multiple
templating engines, including StringTemplate, Jakarta Apache's Velocity,
FreeMarker and WebMacro.
JPublish supports numerous scripting languages including Python, BeanShell,
and JavaScript. JPublish is modular and provides tools for easy extensibility.
Additional information and documentation can be obtained from the JPublish
web site:
Alternative template engines supported:
Velocity - The default template engine
StringTemplate - a Java template engine (with ports for C# and Python)
for generating source code, web pages, emails, or any
other formatted text output. StringTemplate is particularly
good at multi-targeted code generators, multiple site skins,
and internationalization/localization.
FreeMarker - Template engine.
WebMacro - Template engine.
The JPublish Team