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Examples of web applications and various deployment solutions using the Micro MVC framework. The entire Micro ecosystem is licensed under the Apache License 2.0

To use Micro you need Java 6 or later. Verify you have the java command available in your path. You can check this by simply typing the following command:

java -version

Developers and non-developers can use Micro for web development. You don't have to learn Java for building a web application with Micro.

In this repo:

  • lib - a folder containing the latest Micro binaries, frequently updated.
  • hello_world - a minimalistic Micro web application
  • Quartz scheduler demo - schedule jobs within micro web apps using the Quartz scheduler extension.
  • micro_url - a really simple (µ)Micro web application that can be used for creating and publishing shorter URLs. The app is also calculating the monthly hit stats for a given URL, drawing a nice graph every time you re-use a link; functionality inspired by Google's own url shortener. While very simple, it is quite functional and very easy to use. It can be hosted easily and it can be used as a Intranet service or as your own public µURL shortener :)
  • aj_demo - a very small Micro web application demonstrating the integration with the ActiveJDBC framework for ORM. ActiveJDBC is a Java implementation of the Active Record design pattern. It was inspired by ActiveRecord ORM from Ruby on Rails.
  • micro-aj - a Hotel booking demo app used for benchmarking the Micro framework. It is loosely modelled after the Wicket application used by Peter Thomas in his article: Seam / JSF vs Wicket. The app repo contains details about the stress sessions and some simple stats.

  • more to come

and an arbitrary number of folders containing examples of Micro web applications. Each example will have a (or run.bat) command line that will start Micro in server mode and a file describing the example.

Using the examples.

$ git clone
$ cd micro-examples/hello_world
$ micro start

You will see the console log displaying something like this:

 _ __ ___ ( ) ___ _ __ ___ 
| '_ ` _ \| |/ __| '__/ _ \ 
| | | | | | | (__| | | (_) |
|_| |_| |_|_|\___|_|  \___/  (x.y.z)
= a modular micro MVC Java framework

and you can point your browser to: http://localhost:8080 or

Follow us on Twitter: @micro_mvc, for Micro related news.

Other links:

  • micro - a modular micro MVC framework for Java web applications, the main repository.
  • micro-docs - the Micro documentation
  • jrack - another port of Rack to Java


Examples of web applications or deployment solutions using the Micro MVC framework




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