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@@ -12,15 +12,16 @@ In this repo:
- `lib` - a folder containing the latest Micro binaries, frequently updated.
- `hello_world` - a minimalistic Micro web application
- - ...
+ - `aj_demo` - a very small Micro web application demonstrating the integration with the [ActiveJDBC]( framework for ORM. ActiveJDBC is a Java implementation of the Active Record design pattern. It was inspired by ActiveRecord ORM from Ruby on Rails.<p></p>
+ - *more to come*
and an arbitrary number of folders containing examples of Micro web applications. Each example will have a `` (or `run.bat`) command line that will start Micro in server mode and a `` file describing the example.
Using the examples.
- git clone
- cd micro-examples/hello_world
- ./
+ $ git clone
+ $ cd micro-examples/hello_world
+ $ micro start
You will see the console log displaying something like this:
@@ -32,12 +33,12 @@ You will see the console log displaying something like this:
and you can point your browser to: `http://localhost:8080` or ``
-More about Micro coming **very soon**!
+Follow us on Twitter: [@micro_mvc](, for Micro related news.
**Other links:**
- [micro]( - a modular micro MVC framework for Java web applications, the main repository.
- [micro-docs]( - the Micro documentation
- [jrack]( - another port of Rack to Java
-Follow us on Twitter: [@micro_mvc](
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