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The Mustache engine

This extension is adding the rendering support to Micro.

Build from source

Check if the ${MICRO_HOME} environment variable is defined:

  $ echo $MICRO_HOME 


  $ cd mustache
  $ ant dist

Use it with a (µ)Micro web application

Copy (or create symbolic links to) the mustache folder and mustache.yml file to your application extensions folder. The extensions folder will contain at least the following:

  ├── mustache/ 
  ├── mustache.yml
  └── ...

The mustache.yml may contain various configuration options for the Mustache engine. Variant:

class: ca.simplegames.micro.extensions.MustacheExtension
  name: mustache
  class: ca.simplegames.micro.viewers.mustache.MustacheViewRenderer
    cache: views 
    #      ^^^^^ the name of the cache used for the compiled mustaches.

Edit the application.bsh startup controller and require the mustache extension, example:


Visit Mustache to learn more about this template engine.


Apache License 2, see the LICENSE file in this folder.