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Tier: 1-Beginner

Something every developer needs to clearly understand is the result of conditional expressions like x === y. This is a bit more involved for Javascript developers who must also understand the concept of truthiness.

TrueOrFalse helps by displaying the result when a conditional operator is applied to two values. Users can use this to test their knowledge and explore edge cases.

The two values and the conditional operator are entered by the user and the result to be displayed will be TRUE or FALSE. The implementation must not use the eval() function to generate the result of the conditional.

User Stories

  • User can enter two strings to be compared
  • User can enter a valid Javascript conditional operator to be used to compare the two strings
  • User can see the result of the conditional as TRUE or FALSE
  • User can see a warning if the input strings or conditional operator that has been entered is not valid

Bonus features

  • User can specify the type of each of the two strings so numbers can be compared to strings, strings to booleans, etc

Useful links and resources

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