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The FloripaSat project consists of an initiative of students from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC - Brazil) to develop a scientific cubesat. A Cubesat is a type of miniaturized satellite, measuring multiple cubic units of 10 cm and weighing no more than 1,33 kg per unit. FloripaSat-I is an 1U cubesat which main goal is to involve the students in a full space mission, developing all the modules of a nanosatellite and its own ground station. This project is within the Brazilian Space Program, UNIESPAÇO, promoted by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB).

On the next sections, there will be an overview of the project mission, hardware, software and transmission information, mission, space and ground systems.

Relevant Links

General Description For a brief description of our satellite check

Oficial Website with news, blog, crew, and much more about our group and projects

Software Source Repository

Software Documentation

Do you have anything to say? Contact us at floripasat@contato.ufsc.br

Project Coordinator: Prof. Eduardo Bezerra

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