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FloripaSat GRS Wiki

Ground Station (GRS) is the communication module of FloripaSat I on Earth. It's responsible for communicating with the satellite and receiving information about how it is working. GRS is composed of hardware and software. The components include antenna, transceiver, filters, amplifiers and a personal computer with orbital-prediction software, encode e decode data.


Once the data is received, some information may be converted to understandable information, since the data is sent in raw form.
To interpret data, we use the FloripaSat Packet Analyzer software. It can receive in real time or get a file on computer. For while, it's possible to decode raw, NGHam or AX.25 packets and some data of EPS module. See in the image below.


  • RTL-SDR 820T2
  • FunCube Dongle Pro+
  • USRP
  • Folded Yagi UHF Band Antenna
  • VHF Band Antenna (Soon)
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