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FloripaSat OBDH Wiki

The FloripaSat OBDH (On-Board Data Handling) is one of the 3 boards developed for FloripaSat Cubesat Mission. The OBDH module is responsible to synchronize actions and the data flow between other modules (ie. EPS, Payloads) and the Earth segment. It packs the generated data into data frames and transmit back to Earth through TTC module, or stores it on a non-volatile memory for later retrieval. Commands sent from Earth segment to the cubesat will be received by the TTC module and forwarded to OBDH, which takes the appropriate action or forward them to the responsible module, which allows direct communication from Earth to specific Payloads. The below figure shows the OBDH's Engineering Model.

OBDH Engineering Model board

For more information about OBDH module please see the pages:

Visit the FloripaSat Project site

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