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The id field of a MongoEngine Document is not serialized #5

safehammad opened this Issue Dec 31, 2010 · 0 comments

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The simpleapi.server.serializer.MongoDocumentSerializer currently doesn't serialize the id.

There is a question as to whether serializing to string or to pymongo.objectid.ObjectId makes sense. There are good arguments either way, however I think the expectation is that MongoEngine documents are serialized to Python built-in types such as string. Also:

  • Serializing the id to string retains compatibility with how simpleapi encodes to JSON/XML etc.
  • MongoEngine will happily accept a string id when querying or saving a Document.
  • An ObjectId object can easily be created in the unlikely event that it is required.

The following change implements serializing id to string:

@flosch flosch was assigned Jul 5, 2011
@flosch flosch closed this Mar 29, 2012
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