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FLOPageViewController is an easy to use page view controller for macOS, similar to UIPageViewController for iOS. It uses NSPageController under the hood, but is much simpler to use and provides customizable UI elements for navigation.


FLOPageViewController is a subclass of NSViewController and NOT NSPageController. Thus, you can use a FLOPageViewController as your window's content view controller.

Basically, you just need to pass an array of NSViewControllers to your FLOPageViewController instance using the viewControllers property. If you're working with storyboards, you might want to use the loadViewControllers(:from:) convenience method. It will load NSViewControllers from an NSStoryboard using the given identifiers array.

Behavior + Appearance

Page Control

The pageControl is visible by default and supports two different styles, .dot and .circle. Set the showPageControl property to false in order to hide it. If you only want to show it when the mouse is inside, set the pageControlRequiresMouseOver property to true.

To change the size, override the default value of indicatorSize in FLOPageControl.swift.

Arrow Controls

The arrow controls are hidden by default. Set the showArrowControls property to true in order to show them. Arrows will be hidden automatically depending on if there is a previous/next page. If you only want to show them when the mouse is inside, set the arrowControlsRequireMouseOver property to true.

To change the size, change the ArrowSize constant in FLOPageViewController.swift. To change the thickness, override the default value of lineWidth in FLOArrowControl's draw(:) method.


By default, all controls will appear above the pages. You can change this behavior by setting the overlayControls property to false. If you do this, you may want to read the pageSize property to be able to size your pages appropriately.


The tintColor property controls the color of the page indicators and arrow controls. This color should have an alpha value of 1.0.

The (optional) backgroundColor property is the color displayed behind the pages. By default, no color is being displayed.


As FLOPageViewController uses NSPageController under the hood, swipe gestures are supported by default.

Requirements + Compatibility

FLOPageViewController requires Swift 4.0. It is compatible with macOS 10.10 and later. I've tested it on 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13.


Download the repository, build the Xcode project and add the FLOPageViewController.framework build product to your project.


FLOPageViewController supports R-L languages out of the box. In case of an R-L language, the viewControllers array will be reversed and the pageControl's selectedPagewill be set to the last index.

To Do

  • Support for varying page sizes
  • Accessibility support
  • UI tests
  • Properties to change the appearance of the navigation controls

Feel free to create pull requests based on this list or suggest even more improvements.


Florian Schliep


FLOPageViewController is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


Easy to use Page View Controller for macOS (UIPageViewController for Mac)








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