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(ns lambdacd.steps.manualtrigger
"Build step that waits for manual user interaction.
> (wait-for-manual-trigger args ctx) ; Blocks, but setting `:trigger-id` in step-result to a random UUID
> (post-id ctx trigger-id trigger-parameters) ; Returns immediately, unblocks the waiting manual trigger
(:require [clojure.core.async :as async]
[ :as log]
[lambdacd.event-bus :as event-bus]
[lambdacd.stepsupport.killable :as killable])
(:import (java.util UUID)))
(defn post-id
"Entrypoint for UI and others to release a waiting trigger identified by an ID."
[ctx id trigger-parameters]
(log/info "received parameterized trigger with id " id " with data " trigger-parameters)
(event-bus/publish!! ctx :manual-trigger-received {:trigger-id id
:trigger-parameters trigger-parameters}))
(defn- wait-for-trigger-event-while-not-killed [ctx trigger-events expected-trigger-id]
(loop []
(let [[result _] (async/alts!! [trigger-events
(async/timeout 1000)] :priority true)]
(killable/if-not-killed ctx
(if (and result (= expected-trigger-id (:trigger-id result)))
(assoc (:trigger-parameters result) :status :success)
(defn ^{:display-type :manual-trigger} wait-for-manual-trigger
"Build step that waits for someone to trigger a build manually, usually by clicking a button in a UI that supports it."
[_ ctx & _]
(let [trigger-id (str (UUID/randomUUID))
result-ch (:result-channel ctx)
subscription (event-bus/subscribe ctx :manual-trigger-received)
trigger-events (event-bus/only-payload subscription)
_ (async/>!! result-ch [:trigger-id trigger-id])
_ (async/>!! result-ch [:status :waiting])
_ (async/>!! result-ch [:out (str "Waiting for trigger...")])
wait-result (wait-for-trigger-event-while-not-killed ctx trigger-events trigger-id)
_ (event-bus/unsubscribe ctx :manual-trigger-received subscription)]
(defn parameterized-trigger
"Same as `wait-for-manual-trigger` but also sets metadata that instructs a supporting UI to ask the user for parameters
that will be sent and returned.
> (parameterized-trigger {:version {:desc \"version to deploy\"}} ctx) ; blocks until post-id is called
{:status :success
:version {:version \"some-version\"}}
> (post-id ctx trigger-id {:version \"some-version\"})
[parameter-config ctx]
(async/>!! (:result-channel ctx) [:parameters parameter-config])
(wait-for-manual-trigger nil ctx))
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