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Easy bit manipulation
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If you're using Node.js type:

npm install --save bits

Then load the module:

var bits = require("bits");

If you'd like to use it in your browser application, download it manually or use bower:

bower install bits

...and then just link the JS file:

<script src="bits.js"></script>

You can also use script loaders like require.js:

define(["./bits"], function(bits){ /* .. */ });

Now here is the API:

var data = 0;
data = bits.set(data, 2);
data = bits.set(data, [0,3,7]); // set bit 0, 3 and 7
data = bits.clear(data, 1);
data = bits.clear(data, 1, 5);  // clear bit 1,3,4,5
data = bits.toggle(data, 5);
data = bits.test(data, 6);      // returns true or false
data = bits.get(data, 6);       // returns 0 or 1


npm test


MIT license

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