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Karte von morgen


Mapping for Good

von morgen supports kindness, sustainability and joint action. Everything that brings a little happiness to our world. We believe that living in a de‐stressed, environmental‐friendly and trust‐worthy society, is already in progress. We want to support people in finding ways to embrace those values.

The Map von morgen is a website and app, that allows users to share their favorite places in the world. Places that are forward‐thinking and inspiring. The goal is to collect projects, companies and events that make a world of tomorrow, already experienceable today.



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Are you're interested in contributing to KVM? The following is a description of a quickstart. If you're looking for a more comprehensive introduction, have a look at


To be able to start development you'll need the following tools:

Now clone this repository:

git clone

Go to the root of it and install all the dependencies:

cd kartevonmorgen/
npm install


To build the web application run:

npm run pack

The result can be found in dist/. To build a Nix derivation, run

nix-build -E '(import <nixpkgs>{}).callPackage ./kartevonmorgen.nix {}'

Note: Sometimes the build fails because of a bad binary cache, so just disable it:

nix-build -E '(import <nixpkgs>{}).callPackage ./kartevonmorgen.nix {}' --option use-binary-caches false

Local development setup

The easiest way to get a local setup running is by using the remote API of OpenFairDB. To do so change src/constants/URLs.js to

  //link: window.location.origin + "/api" //use when you run openfairdb locally
  link: window.location.protocol + "//" + "" //use this to use the remote api

The alternative is to run OpenFairDB Server locally:

Download, unpack and run (on linux):

tar xzf openfairdb-x86_64-linux-v0.3.1.tar.gz

openfairdb should now be listening on port 6767. To actually get started to also need to add some content.

Get the web app running:

    cd /path/to/kartevonmorgen/
    npm start

The web app is now listening on port 8080. Open it in your browser http://localhost:8080.

On every file change in src/, the app will be build for you and the browser reloads automatically.


All the tests can be found in the spec/ folder. To run the tests type

npm t


If you're using Nix or NixOS you can get your complete development environment by just typing

nix-shell dev-env.nix

Updating the node-packages.nix works as follows:

cd path/to/your/kartevonmorgen/
git clone
nix-shell -p nodejs
node npm2nix/lib/npm2nix.js package.json node-packages.nix

...and don't forget to update 'kartevonmorgen.nix' ;-)


KVM uses the OpenFairDB as its backend.


Copyright (c) 2015 - 2018 Markus Kohlhase

This project is licensed under the AGPLv3 license.