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Collection of known web based ToDo/Task/Project/GTD-Managers
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List of ToDo Managers

There are certainly thousands of Web-Based ToTo/Task/Note/Project/ GTD-Managers out there in the world wide web. Almost each GUI framework starts with a ToDo-List programming example. So which one do you use? And why? Or do you just use POP (Plain Old Paper)? What about the data? Can you export/import your data? Do you own your data? What about sharing stuff? Can you collaborate with s.o. that is not in your "network" ? What about creating an open to-do-protocol? Maybe an XMPP extension?

Lets begin with a list (unorderd at the moment) of known projects.

Do you know some great projects? So go ahead and add your links, ideas and thoughts

Open Source



Closed Source


How do all those project differ and what do they have in common? Here are some criteria:

  • functional

    • list / graph
    • tags / contexts
    • projects
    • filter
    • personal / collaborative
    • eMail bridge
    • dependencies / critical path
    • gantt
    • i18n
    • auto prioritzation
    • reminders
    • life balance
    • timetracker / pomodoro
    • calendar
    • GTD / Kanban / Scrum / etc.
    • bug / issue tracking
  • technical

    • language / plattform
    • central / distributed
    • clientside encryption
    • extendable / plugins
    • mobile support
    • import / export
  • misc.

    • last update
    • madurity of project
    • license
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