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A comparison of operating systems written in Rust
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Rust OS comparison

A comparison of operating systems written in Rust.

There are several open source operating systems written in Rust. Most of them are proofs of concepts. The only system that goes a step further is redox. It comes with a window manager as well as basic applications like an editor and a file manager.

Name Architectures Pure Rust Active? Kernel architecture Target Userpace? Optional GUI? Contributors Filesystem License
redox x86 and x86_64 yes yes Microkernel General purpose yes yes 50 ZFS/RedoxFS MIT
Tock Cortex M yes no 40 APL 2 / MIT
intermezzOS x86_64 no yes ? PoC no no 18 no APL 2 / MIT
RustOS i386 ? yes None PoC no no 10 no APL 2 / MIT
rustboot i386 ? no None PoC no no 8 no MIT
bkernel ARM yes yes ? Embedded devices no no 4 ? GPL with linking exception
SOS x86_64 yes yes Microkernel PoC no no 3 ? MIT
reenix Brown's CS167/9 no no Monolithic (current state) PoC no no 3 ? unknown
Quasar x86_64 ? no ? ? no no 2 ? ?
Tifflin x86_64/amd64 almost yes Monolithic ? ? yes 1 ISO9660 2-Clause-BSD

Also worth noting: Robigalia, a sel4 userspace, written in Rust.

Blog posts and papers

-Writing the second video game for the Micro:bit in Rust

Embedded Systems

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