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describe "scaleApp Sanbox", ->
before ->
if typeof(require) is "function"
@Sandbox = require "../src/Sandbox"
else if window?
@Sandbox = window.scaleApp.Sandbox
@sb = new @Sandbox {}, "id"
it "is an accessible function", ->
(expect typeof @Sandbox).toEqual "function"
describe "constuctor", ->
it "returns an object", ->
(expect typeof new @Sandbox {}, "myId").toEqual "object"
(expect new @Sandbox {}, "myId").not.toBe(new @Sandbox {}, "myId")
it "throws an error if the core was not defined", ->
(expect -> new @Sandbox null, "an id").toThrow "TypeError", "core was not defined"
it "throws an error if no id was specified", ->
(expect -> new @Sandbox {}).toThrow "TypeError", "no id was specified"
it "throws an error if id is not a string", ->
(expect -> new @Sandbox {},{}).toThrow "TypeError", "id is not a string"
it "stores the instance id in 'instanceID'", ->
sandbox = new @Sandbox {}, "myId"
(expect "myId").toEqual sandbox.instanceId
it "has an empty object if no options were specified", ->
(expect (new @Sandbox {}, "myId").options).toEqual {}
it "stores the option object", ->
myOpts = { settingOne: "its boring" }
(expect (new @Sandbox {}, "myId", myOpts).options).toEqual myOpts
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