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Escoria in Daïza

Welcome screen

Escoria in Daïza video game started its development during a booksprint organized by the french-speaking branch of Floss Manuals between the 22th and 26th of August 2016 in Rennes, France, with the objective of writing a manual for Creating Point and Click Games with Escoria. It's based on the original Peril in Daïza game, created during a previous booksprint. This game was created and produced by the team of authors with two purposes: to be used as a base for the manual's screenshots, to show that it's actually possible to quickly create a game using Escoria, and to demonstrate the features of Escoria as a vertical-strip. Since then, the project goes on its own path and is developped by the same team.


We are currently upgrading the code to Godot 3!

  • Source code in a single .zip (Godot 2 stable branch - or just git checkout 2.1.4)
  • Binaries for testing the game on all platforms


The team of co-authors from the book:

Contributions to code porting to Godot 3 : StraTon, fleskevor
Contributions to translation: Ranito and Chaosprower


Except if stated otherwise, the whole game (code and assets) is released under MIT license

The typeface "Big Bottom Cartoon", created by Karen B. Jones and modified by Cedric Gémy for the non-ASCII characters and the italic version of the font, is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

The start screen image is by David Revoy, updated by Camille Bissuel under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

Sounds are by Olivier Meunier from the original Peril In Daa game, distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, except asian orientals taken from which is CC0

Art credit for Escoria test scene

Dan Griffin-Hayes

Recycle items art by Clint Bellanger