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Sprint Name Generator

Originally built by:

With support from following contributors:


Build the image locally

You will need to run a few commands to get necessary files generated.

  1. Set environment variables:
  • GOROOT=[path to Go installation folder]
  • GOOS=js
  • GOARCH=wasm
  1. Run below commands:
go build -o web/generator.wasm cmd/web
cp $GOROOT/misc/wasm/wasm_exec.js web/wasm_exec.js
cd web
npm install
npm run build --if-present

docker build -t sprint-name-generator -f build/package/Dockerfile .
  1. Start the container:

docker run -dp 3000:80 sprint-name-generator:latest

Run latest image from Docker Hub

docker pull flostadler/sprint-name-generator:[image_tag]
docker run -dp 3006:80  flostadler/sprint-name-generator:[image_tag]


Original prebuilt image available at Dockerhub