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e4c035b David Schnur Updated version number to 0.8.3-alpha.
dnschnur authored
1 ## Flot 0.8.3 ##
f17893e David Schnur Updated NEWS for the 0.8.3 release.
dnschnur authored
3 ### Changes ###
5 - Updated example code to avoid encouraging unnecessary re-plots.
6 (patch by soenter, pull request #1221)
e4c035b David Schnur Updated version number to 0.8.3-alpha.
dnschnur authored
8 ### Bug fixes ###
f17893e David Schnur Updated NEWS for the 0.8.3 release.
dnschnur authored
10 - Added a work-around to disable the allocation of extra space for first and
11 last axis ticks, allowing plots to span the full width of their container.
12 A proper solution for this bug will be implemented in the 0.9 release.
13 (reported by Josh Pigford and andig, issue #1212, pull request #1290)
15 - Fixed a regression introduced in 0.8.1, where the last tick label would
16 sometimes wrap rather than extending the plot's offset to create space.
17 (reported by Elite Gamer, issue #1283)
19 - Fixed a regression introduced in 0.8.2, where the resize plugin would use
20 unexpectedly high amounts of CPU even when idle.
21 (reported by tommie, issue #1277, pull request #1289)
23 - Fixed the selection example to work with jQuery 1.9.x and later.
24 (reported by EGLadona and dmfalke, issue #1250, pull request #1285)
26 - Added a detach shim to fix support for jQuery versions earlier than 1.4.x.
27 (reported by ngavard, issue #1240, pull request #1286)
29 - Fixed a rare 'Uncaught TypeError' when using the resize plugin in IE 7/8.
30 (reported by tleish, issue #1265, pull request #1289)
32 - Fixed zoom constraints to apply only in the direction of the zoom.
33 (patch by Neil Katin, issue #1204, pull request #1205)
35 - Markings lines are no longer blurry when drawn on pixel boundaries.
36 (reported by btccointicker and Rouillard, issue #1210)
38 - Don't discard original pie data-series values when combining slices.
39 (patch by Phil Tsarik, pull request #1238)
41 - Fixed broken auto-scale behavior when using deprecated [x|y]2axis options.
42 (reported by jorese, issue #1228, pull request #1284)
e4c035b David Schnur Updated version number to 0.8.3-alpha.
dnschnur authored
f17893e David Schnur Updated NEWS for the 0.8.3 release.
dnschnur authored
44 - Exposed the dateGenerator function on the plot object, as it used to be
45 before time-mode was moved into a separate plugin.
46 (patch by Paolo Valleri, pull request #1028)
e4c035b David Schnur Updated version number to 0.8.3-alpha.
dnschnur authored
b0f864b David Schnur Updated credits for the axis innermost fix.
dnschnur authored
49 ## Flot 0.8.2 ##
b074bde David Schnur Updated credits for API table of contents.
dnschnur authored
51 ### Changes ###
d436c04 David Schnur Updated NEWS for the 0.8.2 release.
dnschnur authored
53 - Added a plot.destroy method as a way to free memory when emptying the plot
54 placeholder and then re-using it for some other purpose.
55 (patch by Thodoris Greasidis, issue #1129, pull request #1130)
57 - Added a table of contents and PLUGINS link to the API documentation.
58 (patches by Brian Peiris, pull requests #1064 and #1127)
60 - Added Ruby code examples for time conversion.
61 (patch by Mike Połtyn, pull request #1182)
63 - Minor improvements to and
64 (patches by Patrik Ragnarsson, pull requests #1085 and #1086)
66 - Updated inlined jQuery Resize to the latest version to fix errors.
67 (reported by Matthew Sabol and sloker, issues #997 ad #1081)
b074bde David Schnur Updated credits for API table of contents.
dnschnur authored
b0f864b David Schnur Updated credits for the axis innermost fix.
dnschnur authored
69 ### Bug fixes ###
d436c04 David Schnur Updated NEWS for the 0.8.2 release.
dnschnur authored
71 - Fixed an unexpected change in behavior that resulted in duplicate tick
72 labels when using a plugin, like flot-tickrotor, that overrode tick labels.
73 (patch by Mark Cote, pull request #1091)
75 - Fixed a regression from 0.7 where axis labels were given the wrong width,
76 causing them to overlap at certain scales and ignore the labelWidth option.
77 (patch by Benjamin Gram, pull request #1177)
b0f864b David Schnur Updated credits for the axis innermost fix.
dnschnur authored
79 - Fixed a bug where the second axis in an xaxes/yaxes array incorrectly had
80 its 'innermost' property set to false or undefined, even if it was on the
81 other side of the plot from the first axis. This resulted in the axis bar
82 being visible when it shouldn't have been, which was especially obvious
83 when the grid had a left/right border width of zero.
84 (reported by Teq1, fix researched by ryleyb, issue #1056)
d436c04 David Schnur Updated NEWS for the 0.8.2 release.
dnschnur authored
86 - Fixed an error when using a placeholder that has no font-size property.
87 (patch by Craig Oldford, pull request #1135)
89 - Fixed a regression from 0.7 where nulls at the end of a series were ignored
90 for purposes of determing the range of the x-axis.
91 (reported by Munsifali Rashid, issue #1095)
93 - If a font size is provided, base the default lineHeight on that size rather
94 that the font size of the plot placeholder, which may be very different.
95 (reported by Daniel Hoffmann Bernardes, issue #1131, pull request #1199)
97 - Fix broken highlighting for right-aligned bars.
98 (reported by BeWiBu and Mihai Stanciu, issues #975 and #1093, with further
99 assistance by Eric Byers, pull request #1120)
101 - Prevent white circles from sometimes showing up inside of pie charts.
102 (reported by Pierre Dubois and Jack Klink, issues #1128 and #1073)
104 - Label formatting no longer breaks when a page contains multiple pie charts.
105 (reported by Brend Wanders, issue #1055)
107 - When using multiple axes on opposite sides of the plot, the innermost axis
108 coming later in the list no longer has its bar drawn incorrectly.
109 (reported by ryleyb, issue #1056)
111 - When removing series labels and redrawing the plot, the legend now updates
112 correctly even when using an external container.
113 (patch by Luis Silva, issue #1159, pull request #1160)
d94c1b7 David Schnur Updated credits for the flot-tickrotor fix.
dnschnur authored
d436c04 David Schnur Updated NEWS for the 0.8.2 release.
dnschnur authored
115 - The pie plugin no longer ignores the value of the left offset option.
116 (reported by melanker, issue #1136)
118 - Fixed a regression from 0.7, where extra padding was added unnecessarily to
119 sides of the plot where there was no last tick label.
120 (reported by sknob001, issue #1048, pull request #1200)
122 - Fixed incorrect tooltip behavior in the interacting example.
123 (patch by cleroux, issue #686, pull request #1074)
125 - Fixed an error in CSS color extraction with elements outside the DOM.
126 (patch by execjosh, pull request #1084)
128 - Fixed :not selector error when using jQuery without Sizzle.
129 (patch by Anthony Ryan, pull request #1180)
131 - Worked around a browser issue that caused bars to appear un-filled.
132 (reported by irbian, issue #915)
b0f864b David Schnur Updated credits for the axis innermost fix.
dnschnur authored
e037f5c David Schnur Updated version number to 0.8.1-alpha.
dnschnur authored
134 ## Flot 0.8.1 ##
bf3fffd David Schnur Added credits for the missing semicolon fix.
dnschnur authored
136 ### Bug fixes ###
fd6fdf3 David Schnur Updated credits for various fixes in 0.8.1.
dnschnur authored
138 - Fixed a regression in the time plugin, introduced in 0.8, that caused dates
139 to align to the minute rather than to the highest appropriate unit. This
140 caused many x-axes in 0.8 to have different ticks than they did in 0.7.
141 (reported by Tom Sheppard, patch by Daniel Shapiro, issue #1017, pull
142 request #1023)
144 - Fixed a regression in text rendering, introduced in 0.8, that caused axis
145 labels with the same text as another label on the same axis to disappear.
146 More generally, it's again possible to have the same text in two locations.
147 (issue #1032)
149 - Fixed a regression in text rendering, introduced in 0.8, where axis labels
150 were no longer assigned an explicit width, and their text could not wrap.
151 (reported by sabregreen, issue #1019)
153 - Fixed a regression in the pie plugin, introduced in 0.8, that prevented it
154 from accepting data in the format '[[x, y]]'.
155 (patch by Nicolas Morel, pull request #1024)
157 - The 'zero' series option and 'autoscale' format option are no longer
158 ignored when the series contains a null value.
159 (reported by Daniel Shapiro, issue #1033)
bf3fffd David Schnur Added credits for the missing semicolon fix.
dnschnur authored
a2503c2 David Schnur Updated credits for #1016 exception fix.
dnschnur authored
161 - Avoid triggering the time-mode plugin exception when there are zero series.
fd6fdf3 David Schnur Updated credits for various fixes in 0.8.1.
dnschnur authored
162 (reported by Daniel Rothig, patch by Mark Raymond, issue #1016)
164 - When a custom color palette has fewer colors than the default palette, Flot
165 no longer fills out the colors with the remainder of the default.
166 (patch by goorpy, issue #1031, pull request #1034)
168 - Fixed missing update for bar highlights after a zoom or other redraw.
169 (reported by Paolo Valleri, issue #1030)
171 - Fixed compatibility with jQuery versions earlier than 1.7.
172 (patch by Lee Willis, issue #1027, pull request #1027)
174 - The mouse wheel no longer scrolls the page when using the navigate plugin.
175 (patch by vird, pull request #1020)
177 - Fixed missing semicolons in the core library.
178 (reported by Michal Zglinski)
a2503c2 David Schnur Updated credits for #1016 exception fix.
dnschnur authored
e037f5c David Schnur Updated version number to 0.8.1-alpha.
dnschnur authored
bad589c David Schnur Update version number to 0.8.0 final.
dnschnur authored
181 ## Flot 0.8.0 ##
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
183 ### API changes ###
185 Support for time series has been moved into a plugin, jquery.flot.time.js.
186 This results in less code if time series are not used. The functionality
187 remains the same (plus timezone support, as described below); however, the
188 plugin must be included if axis.mode is set to "time".
190 When the axis mode is "time", the axis option "timezone" can be set to null,
191 "browser", or a particular timezone (e.g. "America/New_York") to control how
192 the dates are displayed. If null, the dates are displayed as UTC. If
193 "browser", the dates are displayed in the time zone of the user's browser.
195 Date/time formatting has changed and now follows a proper subset of the
f4b82f6 Mark Côté Updated for issue #49.
markrcote authored
196 standard strftime specifiers, plus one nonstandard specifier for quarters.
197 Additionally, if a strftime function is found in the Date object's prototype,
198 it will be used instead of the built-in formatter.
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
7a799ba David Schnur Updated NEWS for axis text changes.
dnschnur authored
200 Axis tick labels now use the class 'flot-tick-label' instead of 'tickLabel'.
201 The text containers for each axis now use the classes 'flot-[x|y]-axis' and
202 'flot-[x|y]#-axis' instead of '[x|y]Axis' and '[x|y]#Axis'. For compatibility
203 with Flot 0.7 and earlier text will continue to use the old classes as well,
204 but they are considered deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
3cd7a51 David Schnur Axis and tick color options now make more sense.
dnschnur authored
206 In previous versions the axis 'color' option was used to set the color of tick
207 marks and their label text. It now controls the color of the axis line, which
208 previously could not be changed separately, and continues to act as a default
209 for the tick-mark color. The color of tick label text is now set either by
210 overriding the 'flot-tick-label' CSS rule or via the axis 'font' option.
7a799ba David Schnur Updated NEWS for axis text changes.
dnschnur authored
212 A new plugin, jquery.flot.canvas.js, allows axis tick labels to be rendered
213 directly to the canvas, rather than using HTML elements. This feature can be
214 toggled with a simple option, making it easy to create interactive plots in the
215 browser using HTML, then re-render them to canvas for export as an image.
217 The plugin tries to remain as faithful as possible to the original HTML render,
218 and goes so far as to automatically extract styles from CSS, to avoid having to
219 provide a separate set of styles when rendering to canvas. Due to limitations
220 of the canvas text API, the plugin cannot reproduce certain features, including
221 HTML markup embedded in labels, and advanced text styles such as 'em' units.
223 The plugin requires support for canvas text, which may not be present in some
224 older browsers, even if they support the canvas tag itself. To use the plugin
225 with these browsers try using a shim such as canvas-text or FlashCanvas.
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
227 The base and overlay canvas are now using the CSS classes "flot-base" and
228 "flot-overlay" to prevent accidental clashes (issue 540).
230 ### Changes ###
f4b82f6 Mark Côté Updated for issue #49.
markrcote authored
232 - Addition of nonstandard %q specifier to date/time formatting. (patch
233 by risicle, issue 49)
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
235 - Date/time formatting follows proper subset of strftime specifiers, and
236 support added for Date.prototype.strftime, if found. (patch by Mark Cote,
237 issues 419 and 558)
239 - Fixed display of year ticks. (patch by Mark Cote, issue 195)
241 - Support for time series moved to plugin. (patch by Mark Cote)
243 - Display time series in different time zones. (patch by Knut Forkalsrud,
244 issue 141)
39698d3 David Schnur Updated credits for canvas text support.
dnschnur authored
246 - Added a canvas plugin to enable rendering axis tick labels to the canvas.
247 (sponsored by, implementation by Ole Laursen and David Schnur)
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
249 - Support for setting the interval between redraws of the overlay canvas with
250 redrawOverlayInterval. (suggested in issue 185)
252 - Support for multiple thresholds in thresholds plugin. (patch by Arnaud
253 Bellec, issue 523)
255 - Support for plotting categories/textual data directly with new categories
256 plugin.
258 - Tick generators now get the whole axis rather than just min/max.
260 - Added processOffset and drawBackground hooks. (suggested in issue 639)
262 - Added a grid "margin" option to set the space between the canvas edge and
263 the grid.
265 - Prevent the pie example page from generating single-slice pies. (patch by
266 Shane Reustle)
268 - In addition to "left" and "center", bars now recognize "right" as an
269 alignment option. (patch by Michael Mayer, issue 520)
271 - Switched from toFixed to a much faster default tickFormatter. (patch by
272 Clemens Stolle)
274 - Added to a more helpful error when using a time-mode axis without including
275 the flot.time plugin. (patch by Yael Elmatad)
277 - Added a legend "sorted" option to control sorting of legend entries
278 independent of their series order. (patch by Tom Cleaveland)
280 - Added a series "highlightColor" option to control the color of the
281 translucent overlay that identifies the dataset when the mouse hovers over
282 it. (patch by Eric Wendelin and Nate Abele, issues 168 and 299)
284 - Added a plugin jquery.flot.errorbars, with an accompanying example, that
285 adds the ability to plot error bars, commonly used in many kinds of
286 statistical data visualizations. (patch by Rui Pereira, issue 215)
288 - The legend now omits entries whose labelFormatter returns null. (patch by
289 Tom Cleaveland, Christopher Lambert, and Simon Strandgaard)
291 - Added support for high pixel density (retina) displays, resulting in much
e975435 David Schnur Added credits for further retina support fix.
dnschnur authored
292 crisper charts on such devices. (patch by Olivier Guerriat, additional
e480313 David Schnur Updated credits for retina pie fixes.
dnschnur authored
293 fixes by Julien Thomas, maimairel, and Lau Bech Lauritzen)
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
63266b3 David Schnur Added credits for pie shadow options.
dnschnur authored
295 - Added the ability to control pie shadow position and alpha via a new pie
af1c888 David Schnur Updated credits for the recent getSelection fix.
dnschnur authored
296 'shadow' option. (patch by Julien Thomas, pull request #78)
63266b3 David Schnur Added credits for pie shadow options.
dnschnur authored
1262aa3 David Schnur Updated credits for #855 grid borders.
dnschnur authored
298 - Added the ability to set width and color for individual sides of the grid.
04f4ac2 David Schnur Fix wrapping to avoid markdown mis-interpretation.
dnschnur authored
299 (patch by Ara Anjargolian, additional fixes by Karl Swedberg, pull requests #855
300 and #880)
af1c888 David Schnur Updated credits for the recent getSelection fix.
dnschnur authored
302 - The selection plugin's getSelection now returns null when the selection
303 has been cleared. (patch by Nick Campbell, pull request #852)
1262aa3 David Schnur Updated credits for #855 grid borders.
dnschnur authored
2c64f82 David Schnur Added the new 'zero' option to the changelog.
dnschnur authored
305 - Added a new option called 'zero' to bars and filled lines series, to control
306 whether the y-axis minimum is scaled to fit the data or set to zero.
ccb37e4 David Schnur Added missing credit line.
dnschnur authored
307 (patch by David Schnur, issues #316, #529, and #856, pull request #911)
2c64f82 David Schnur Added the new 'zero' option to the changelog.
dnschnur authored
a787fa4 David Schnur Updated credits for #953 chainable property.
dnschnur authored
309 - The plot function is now also a jQuery chainable property.
310 (patch by David Schnur, issues #734 and #816, pull request #953)
82ab0c4 David Schnur Updated credits for #638 and #963.
dnschnur authored
312 - When only a single pie slice is beneath the combine threshold it is no longer
313 replaced by an 'other' slice. (suggested by Devin Bayer, issue #638)
315 - Added lineJoin and minSize options to the selection plugin to control the
316 corner style and minimum size of the selection, respectively.
317 (patch by Ruth Linehan, pull request #963)
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
319 ### Bug fixes ###
321 - Fix problem with null values and pie plugin. (patch by gcruxifix,
322 issue 500)
324 - Fix problem with threshold plugin and bars. (based on patch by
325 kaarlenkaski, issue 348)
327 - Fix axis box calculations so the boxes include the outermost part of the
328 labels too.
330 - Fix problem with event clicking and hovering in IE 8 by updating Excanvas
331 and removing previous work-around. (test case by Ara Anjargolian)
333 - Fix issues with blurry 1px border when some measures aren't integer.
334 (reported by Ara Anjargolian)
336 - Fix bug with formats in the data processor. (reported by Peter Hull,
337 issue 534)
339 - Prevent i from being declared global in extractRange. (reported by
340 Alexander Obukhov, issue 627)
342 - Throw errors in a more cross-browser-compatible manner. (patch by
343 Eddie Kay)
345 - Prevent pie slice outlines from being drawn when the stroke width is zero.
346 (reported by Chris Minett, issue 585)
348 - Updated the navigate plugin's inline copy of jquery.mousewheel to fix
349 Webkit zoom problems. (reported by Hau Nguyen, issue 685)
351 - Axis labels no longer appear as decimals rather than integers in certain
352 cases. (patch by Clemens Stolle, issue 541)
354 - Automatic color generation no longer produces only whites and blacks when
355 there are many series. (patch by David Schnur and Tom Cleaveland)
357 - Fixed an error when custom tick labels weren't provided as strings. (patch
358 by Shad Downey)
2d15fdc David Schnur Added credits for #851 global variables fix.
dnschnur authored
360 - Prevented the local insertSteps and fmt variables from becoming global.
4fd1547 David Schnur Updated credits for #851 global variables fix.
dnschnur authored
361 (first reported by Marc Bennewitz and Szymon Barglowski, patch by Nick
362 Campbell, issues #825 and #831, pull request #851)
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
82eb3fd David Schnur Updated credits for #79 threshold variables.
dnschnur authored
364 - Prevented several threshold plugin variables from becoming global. (patch
365 by Lasse Dahl Ebert)
baaec0d David Schnur Updated credits for several recent fixes.
dnschnur authored
367 - Fixed various jQuery 1.8 compatibility issues. (issues #814 and #819,
368 pull request #877)
370 - Pie charts with a slice equal to or approaching 100% of the pie no longer
371 appear invisible. (patch by David Schnur, issues #444, #658, #726, #824
372 and #850, pull request #879)
f267cc1 David Schnur Updated credits for #888 global variables.
dnschnur authored
374 - Prevented several local variables from becoming global. (patch by aaa707)
de86d01 David Schnur Updated news for the canvas alignment fix.
dnschnur authored
376 - Ensure that the overlay and primary canvases remain aligned. (issue #670,
377 pull request #901)
715a093 David Schnur Updated credits for #905 jQuery 1.9 compatibility.
dnschnur authored
379 - Added support for jQuery 1.9 by removing and replacing uses of $.browser.
380 (analysis and patch by Anthony Ryan, pull request #905)
c22f3f7 David Schnur Added credits for #910 pie redraw fixes.
dnschnur authored
382 - Pie charts no longer disappear when redrawn during a resize or update.
383 (reported by Julien Bec, issue #656, pull request #910)
f2fa1b8 David Schnur Updated credits for #918 pie percentage errors.
dnschnur authored
385 - Avoided floating-point precision errors when calculating pie percentages.
386 (patch by James Ward, pull request #918)
3c0bcef David Schnur Fixed jQuery 1.2.6 mouseleave issue from #920.
dnschnur authored
388 - Fixed compatibility with jQuery 1.2.6, which has no 'mouseleave' shortcut.
389 (reported by Bevan, original pull request #920, replaced by direct patch)
a60dbbf David Schnur Updated credits for sub-pixel rendering fixes.
dnschnur authored
391 - Fixed sub-pixel rendering issues with crosshair and selection lines.
392 (patches by alanayoub and Daniel Shapiro, pull requests #17 and #925)
a4ad470 David Schnur Updated credits for #934 threshold overlapping.
dnschnur authored
394 - Fixed rendering issues when using the threshold plugin with several series.
395 (patch by Ivan Novikov, pull request #934)
73e7dd7 David Schnur Updated credits for pie setData fix.
dnschnur authored
397 - Pie charts no longer disappear when redrawn after calling setData().
398 (reported by zengge1984 and pareeohnos, issues #810 and #945)
a60dbbf David Schnur Updated credits for sub-pixel rendering fixes.
dnschnur authored
78f2dfd David Schnur Updated credits for #937 lineWidth work-around.
dnschnur authored
400 - Added a work-around for the problem where points with a lineWidth of zero
401 still showed up with a visible line. (reported by SalvoSav, issue #842,
402 patch by Jamie Hamel-Smith, pull request #937)
06b2019 David Schnur Updated credits for #534 pie string data fix.
dnschnur authored
404 - Pie charts now accept values in string form, like other plot types.
405 (reported by, issue #534)
1cb170d David Schnur Updated credits for #895 threshold rounding fix.
dnschnur authored
407 - Avoid rounding errors in the threshold plugin.
408 (reported by jerikojerk, issue #895)
4228615 David Schnur Updated credits for #964 navigate event.drag fix.
dnschnur authored
410 - Fixed an error when using the navigate plugin with jQuery 1.9.x or later.
411 (reported by Paolo Valleri, issue #964)
f397697 David Schnur Updated credits for #987, #861, and #1000.
dnschnur authored
413 - Fixed inconsistencies between the highlight and unhighlight functions.
414 (reported by djamshed, issue #987)
416 - Fixed recalculation of tickSize and tickDecimals on calls to setupGrid.
417 (patch by thecountofzero, pull request #861, issues #860, #1000)
f2fa1b8 David Schnur Updated credits for #918 pie percentage errors.
dnschnur authored
f2be013 David Schnur Converted NEWS to markdown.
dnschnur authored
420 ## Flot 0.7 ##
422 ### API changes ###
424 Multiple axes support. Code using dual axes should be changed from using
425 x2axis/y2axis in the options to using an array (although backwards-
426 compatibility hooks are in place). For instance,
428 ```js
429 {
430 xaxis: { ... }, x2axis: { ... },
431 yaxis: { ... }, y2axis: { ... }
432 }
433 ```
435 becomes
437 ```js
438 {
439 xaxes: [ { ... }, { ... } ],
440 yaxes: [ { ... }, { ... } ]
441 }
442 ```
444 Note that if you're just using one axis, continue to use the xaxis/yaxis
445 directly (it now sets the default settings for the arrays). Plugins touching
446 the axes must be ported to take the extra axes into account, check the source
447 to see some examples.
449 A related change is that the visibility of axes is now auto-detected. So if
450 you were relying on an axis to show up even without any data in the chart, you
451 now need to set the axis "show" option explicitly.
453 "tickColor" on the grid options is now deprecated in favour of a corresponding
454 option on the axes, so:
456 ```js
457 { grid: { tickColor: "#000" }}
458 ```
460 becomes
462 ```js
463 { xaxis: { tickColor: "#000"}, yaxis: { tickColor: "#000"} }
464 ```
466 But if you just configure a base color Flot will now autogenerate a tick color
467 by adding transparency. Backwards-compatibility hooks are in place.
469 Final note: now that IE 9 is coming out with canvas support, you may want to
470 adapt the excanvas include to skip loading it in IE 9 (the examples have been
471 adapted thanks to Ryley Breiddal). An alternative to excanvas using Flash has
472 also surfaced, if your graphs are slow in IE, you may want to give it a spin:
476 ### Changes ###
478 - Support for specifying a bottom for each point for line charts when filling
479 them, this means that an arbitrary bottom can be used instead of just the x
480 axis. (based on patches patiently provided by Roman V. Prikhodchenko)
482 - New fillbetween plugin that can compute a bottom for a series from another
483 series, useful for filling areas between lines.
485 See new example percentiles.html for a use case.
487 - More predictable handling of gaps for the stacking plugin, now all
488 undefined ranges are skipped.
490 - Stacking plugin can stack horizontal bar charts.
492 - Navigate plugin now redraws the plot while panning instead of only after
493 the fact. (raised by lastthemy, issue 235)
495 Can be disabled by setting the pan.frameRate option to null.
497 - Date formatter now accepts %0m and %0d to get a zero-padded month or day.
498 (issue raised by Maximillian Dornseif)
500 - Revamped internals to support an unlimited number of axes, not just dual.
501 (sponsored by Flight Data Services,
503 - New setting on axes, "tickLength", to control the size of ticks or turn
504 them off without turning off the labels.
506 - Axis labels are now put in container divs with classes, for instance labels
507 in the x axes can be reached via ".xAxis .tickLabel".
509 - Support for setting the color of an axis. (sponsored by Flight Data
510 Services,
512 - Tick color is now auto-generated as the base color with some transparency,
513 unless you override it.
515 - Support for aligning ticks in the axes with "alignTicksWithAxis" to ensure
516 that they appear next to each other rather than in between, at the expense
517 of possibly awkward tick steps. (sponsored by Flight Data Services,
520 - Support for customizing the point type through a callback when plotting
521 points and new symbol plugin with some predefined point types. (sponsored
522 by Utility Data Corporation)
524 - Resize plugin for automatically redrawing when the placeholder changes
525 size, e.g. on window resizes. (sponsored by Novus Partners)
527 A resize() method has been added to plot object facilitate this.
529 - Support Infinity/-Infinity for plotting asymptotes by hacking it into
530 +/-Number.MAX_VALUE. (reported by rabaea.mircea)
532 - Support for restricting navigate plugin to not pan/zoom an axis. (based on
533 patch by kkaefer)
535 - Support for providing the drag cursor for the navigate plugin as an option.
536 (based on patch by Kelly T. Moore)
538 - Options for controlling whether an axis is shown or not (suggestion by Timo
539 Tuominen) and whether to reserve space for it even if it isn't shown.
541 - New attribute $.plot.version with the Flot version as a string.
543 - The version comment is now included in the minified jquery.flot.min.js.
545 - New options.grid.minBorderMargin for adjusting the minimum margin provided
546 around the border (based on patch by corani, issue 188).
548 - Refactor replot behaviour so Flot tries to reuse the existing canvas,
549 adding shutdown() methods to the plot. (based on patch by Ryley Breiddal,
550 issue 269)
552 This prevents a memory leak in Chrome and hopefully makes replotting faster
553 for those who are using $.plot instead of .setData()/.draw(). Also update
554 jQuery to 1.5.1 to prevent IE leaks fixed in jQuery.
556 - New real-time line chart example.
558 - New hooks: drawSeries, shutdown.
560 ### Bug fixes ###
562 - Fixed problem with findNearbyItem and bars on top of each other. (reported
563 by ragingchikn, issue 242)
565 - Fixed problem with ticks and the border. (based on patch from
566 ultimatehustler69, issue 236)
568 - Fixed problem with plugins adding options to the series objects.
570 - Fixed a problem introduced in 0.6 with specifying a gradient with:
572 ```{brightness: x, opacity: y }```
574 - Don't use $.browser.msie, check for getContext on the created canvas element
575 instead and try to use excanvas if it's not found.
577 Fixes IE 9 compatibility.
579 - highlight(s, index) was looking up the point in the original instead
580 of in the computed datapoints array, which breaks with plugins that modify
581 the datapoints, such as the stacking plugin. (reported by curlypaul924,
582 issue 316)
584 - More robust handling of axis from data passed in from getData(). (reported)
585 by Morgan)
587 - Fixed problem with turning off bar outline. (fix by Jordi Castells,
588 issue 253)
590 - Check the selection passed into setSelection in the selection
591 plugin, to guard against errors when synchronizing plots (fix by Lau
592 Bech Lauritzen).
594 - Fix bug in crosshair code with mouseout resetting the crosshair even
595 if it is locked (fix by Lau Bech Lauritzen and Banko Adam).
597 - Fix bug with points plotting using line width from lines rather than
598 points.
600 - Fix bug with passing non-array 0 data (for plugins that don't expect
601 arrays, patch by vpapp1).
603 - Fix errors in JSON in examples so they work with jQuery 1.4.2
604 (fix reported by honestbleeps, issue 357).
606 - Fix bug with tooltip in interacting.html, this makes the tooltip
607 much smoother (fix by bdkahn). Fix related bug inside highlighting
608 handler in Flot.
610 - Use closure trick to make inline colorhelpers plugin respect
611 jQuery.noConflict(true), renaming the global jQuery object (reported
612 by Nick Stielau).
614 - Listen for mouseleave events and fire a plothover event with empty
615 item when it occurs to drop highlights when the mouse leaves the
616 plot (reported by by outspirit).
618 - Fix bug with using aboveData with a background (reported by
619 amitayd).
621 - Fix possible excanvas leak (report and suggested fix by tom9729).
623 - Fix bug with backwards compatibility for shadowSize = 0 (report and
624 suggested fix by aspinak).
626 - Adapt examples to skip loading excanvas (fix by Ryley Breiddal).
628 - Fix bug that prevent a simple f(x) = -x transform from working
629 correctly (fix by Mike, issue 263).
631 - Fix bug in restoring cursor in navigate plugin (reported by Matteo
632 Gattanini, issue 395).
634 - Fix bug in picking items when transform/inverseTransform is in use
635 (reported by Ofri Raviv, and patches and analysis by Jan and Tom
636 Paton, issue 334 and 467).
638 - Fix problem with unaligned ticks and hover/click events caused by
639 padding on the placeholder by hardcoding the placeholder padding to
640 0 (reported by adityadineshsaxena, Matt Sommer, Daniel Atos and some
641 other people, issue 301).
643 - Update colorhelpers plugin to avoid dying when trying to parse an
644 invalid string (reported by cadavor, issue 483).
648 ## Flot 0.6 ##
650 ### API changes ###
652 Selection support has been moved to a plugin. Thus if you're passing
653 selection: { mode: something }, you MUST include the file
654 jquery.flot.selection.js after jquery.flot.js. This reduces the size of
655 base Flot and makes it easier to customize the selection as well as
656 improving code clarity. The change is based on a patch from andershol.
658 In the global options specified in the $.plot command, "lines", "points",
659 "bars" and "shadowSize" have been moved to a sub-object called "series":
661 ```js
662 $.plot(placeholder, data, { lines: { show: true }})
663 ```
665 should be changed to
667 ```js
668 $.plot(placeholder, data, { series: { lines: { show: true }}})
669 ```
671 All future series-specific options will go into this sub-object to
672 simplify plugin writing. Backward-compatibility code is in place, so
673 old code should not break.
675 "plothover" no longer provides the original data point, but instead a
676 normalized one, since there may be no corresponding original point.
678 Due to a bug in previous versions of jQuery, you now need at least
679 jQuery 1.2.6. But if you can, try jQuery 1.3.2 as it got some improvements
680 in event handling speed.
682 ## Changes ##
684 - Added support for disabling interactivity for specific data series.
685 (request from Ronald Schouten and Steve Upton)
687 - Flot now calls $() on the placeholder and optional legend container passed
688 in so you can specify DOM elements or CSS expressions to make it easier to
689 use Flot with libraries like Prototype or Mootools or through raw JSON from
690 Ajax responses.
692 - A new "plotselecting" event is now emitted while the user is making a
693 selection.
695 - The "plothover" event is now emitted immediately instead of at most 10
696 times per second, you'll have to put in a setTimeout yourself if you're
697 doing something really expensive on this event.
699 - The built-in date formatter can now be accessed as $.plot.formatDate(...)
700 (suggestion by Matt Manela) and even replaced.
702 - Added "borderColor" option to the grid. (patches from Amaury Chamayou and
703 Mike R. Williamson)
705 - Added support for gradient backgrounds for the grid. (based on patch from
706 Amaury Chamayou, issue 90)
708 The "setting options" example provides a demonstration.
710 - Gradient bars. (suggestion by stefpet)
712 - Added a "plotunselected" event which is triggered when the selection is
713 removed, see "selection" example. (suggestion by Meda Ugo)
715 - The option legend.margin can now specify horizontal and vertical margins
716 independently. (suggestion by someone who's annoyed)
718 - Data passed into Flot is now copied to a new canonical format to enable
719 further processing before it hits the drawing routines. As a side-effect,
720 this should make Flot more robust in the face of bad data. (issue 112)
722 - Step-wise charting: line charts have a new option "steps" that when set to
723 true connects the points with horizontal/vertical steps instead of diagonal
724 lines.
726 - The legend labelFormatter now passes the series in addition to just the
727 label. (suggestion by Vincent Lemeltier)
729 - Horizontal bars (based on patch by Jason LeBrun).
731 - Support for partial bars by specifying a third coordinate, i.e. they don't
732 have to start from the axis. This can be used to make stacked bars.
734 - New option to disable the (
736 - Added pointOffset method for converting a point in data space to an offset
737 within the placeholder.
739 - Plugin system: register an init method in the $.flot.plugins array to get
740 started, see PLUGINS.txt for details on how to write plugins (it's easy).
741 There are also some extra methods to enable access to internal state.
743 - Hooks: you can register functions that are called while Flot is crunching
744 the data and doing the plot. This can be used to modify Flot without
745 changing the source, useful for writing plugins. Some hooks are defined,
746 more are likely to come.
748 - Threshold plugin: you can set a threshold and a color, and the data points
749 below that threshold will then get the color. Useful for marking data
750 below 0, for instance.
752 - Stack plugin: you can specify a stack key for each series to have them
753 summed. This is useful for drawing additive/cumulative graphs with bars and
754 (currently unfilled) lines.
756 - Crosshairs plugin: trace the mouse position on the axes, enable with
757 crosshair: { mode: "x"} (see the new tracking example for a use).
759 - Image plugin: plot prerendered images.
761 - Navigation plugin for panning and zooming a plot.
763 - More configurable grid.
765 - Axis transformation support, useful for non-linear plots, e.g. log axes and
766 compressed time axes (like omitting weekends).
768 - Support for twelve-hour date formatting (patch by Forrest Aldridge).
770 - The color parsing code in Flot has been cleaned up and split out so it's
771 now available as a separate jQuery plugin. It's included inline in the Flot
772 source to make dependency managing easier. This also makes it really easy
773 to use the color helpers in Flot plugins.
775 ## Bug fixes ##
777 - Fixed two corner-case bugs when drawing filled curves. (report and analysis
778 by Joshua Varner)
780 - Fix auto-adjustment code when setting min to 0 for an axis where the
781 dataset is completely flat on that axis. (report by chovy)
783 - Fixed a bug with passing in data from getData to setData when the secondary
784 axes are used. (reported by nperelman, issue 65)
786 - Fixed so that it is possible to turn lines off when no other chart type is
787 shown (based on problem reported by Glenn Vanderburg), and fixed so that
788 setting lineWidth to 0 also hides the shadow. (based on problem reported by
789 Sergio Nunes)
791 - Updated mousemove position expression to the latest from jQuery. (reported
792 by meyuchas)
794 - Use CSS borders instead of background in legend. (issues 25 and 45)
796 - Explicitly convert axis min/max to numbers.
798 - Fixed a bug with drawing marking lines with different colors. (reported by
799 Khurram)
801 - Fixed a bug with returning y2 values in the selection event. (fix by
802 exists, issue 75)
804 - Only set position relative on placeholder if it hasn't already a position
805 different from static. (reported by kyberneticist, issue 95)
807 - Don't round markings to prevent sub-pixel problems. (reported by
808 Dan Lipsitt)
810 - Make the grid border act similarly to a regular CSS border, i.e. prevent
811 it from overlapping the plot itself. This also fixes a problem with anti-
812 aliasing when the width is 1 pixel. (reported by Anthony Ettinger)
814 - Imported version 3 of excanvas and fixed two issues with the newer version.
815 Hopefully, this will make Flot work with IE8. (nudge by Fabien Menager,
816 further analysis by Booink, issue 133)
818 - Changed the shadow code for lines to hopefully look a bit better with
819 vertical lines.
821 - Round tick positions to avoid possible problems with fractions. (suggestion
822 by Fred, issue 130)
824 - Made the heuristic for determining how many ticks to aim for a bit smarter.
826 - Fix for uneven axis margins (report and patch by Paul Kienzle) and snapping
827 to ticks. (report and patch by lifthrasiir)
829 - Fixed bug with slicing in findNearbyItems. (patch by zollman)
831 - Make heuristic for x axis label widths more dynamic. (patch by
832 rickinhethuis)
834 - Make sure points on top take precedence when finding nearby points when
835 hovering. (reported by didroe, issue 224)
839 ## Flot 0.5 ##
841 Timestamps are now in UTC. Also "selected" event -> becomes "plotselected"
842 with new data, the parameters for setSelection are now different (but
843 backwards compatibility hooks are in place), coloredAreas becomes markings
844 with a new interface (but backwards compatibility hooks are in place).
846 ### API changes ###
848 Timestamps in time mode are now displayed according to UTC instead of the time
849 zone of the visitor. This affects the way the timestamps should be input;
850 you'll probably have to offset the timestamps according to your local time
851 zone. It also affects any custom date handling code (which basically now
852 should use the equivalent UTC date mehods, e.g. .setUTCMonth() instead of
853 .setMonth().
855 Markings, previously coloredAreas, are now specified as ranges on the axes,
856 like ```{ xaxis: { from: 0, to: 10 }}```. Furthermore with markings you can
857 now draw horizontal/vertical lines by setting from and to to the same
858 coordinate. (idea from line support patch by by Ryan Funduk)
860 Interactivity: added a new "plothover" event and this and the "plotclick"
861 event now returns the closest data item (based on patch by /david, patch by
862 Mark Byers for bar support). See the revamped "interacting with the data"
863 example for some hints on what you can do.
865 Highlighting: you can now highlight points and datapoints are autohighlighted
866 when you hover over them (if hovering is turned on).
868 Support for dual axis has been added (based on patch by someone who's annoyed
869 and /david). For each data series you can specify which axes it belongs to,
870 and there are two more axes, x2axis and y2axis, to customize. This affects the
871 "selected" event which has been renamed to "plotselected" and spews out
872 ```{ xaxis: { from: -10, to: 20 } ... },``` setSelection in which the
873 parameters are on a new form (backwards compatible hooks are in place so old
874 code shouldn't break) and markings (formerly coloredAreas).
876 ## Changes ##
878 - Added support for specifying the size of tick labels (axis.labelWidth,
879 axis.labelHeight). Useful for specifying a max label size to keep multiple
880 plots aligned.
882 - The "fill" option can now be a number that specifies the opacity of the
883 fill.
885 - You can now specify a coordinate as null (like [2, null]) and Flot will
886 take the other coordinate into account when scaling the axes. (based on
887 patch by joebno)
889 - New option for bars "align". Set it to "center" to center the bars on the
890 value they represent.
892 - setSelection now takes a second parameter which you can use to prevent the
893 method from firing the "plotselected" handler.
895 - Improved the handling of axis auto-scaling with bars.
897 ## Bug fixes ##
899 - Fixed a bug in calculating spacing around the plot. (reported by
900 timothytoe)
902 - Fixed a bug in finding max values for all-negative data sets.
904 - Prevent the possibility of eternal looping in tick calculations.
906 - Fixed a bug when borderWidth is set to 0. (reported by Rob/sanchothefat)
908 - Fixed a bug with drawing bars extending below 0. (reported by James Hewitt,
909 patch by Ryan Funduk).
911 - Fixed a bug with line widths of bars. (reported by MikeM)
913 - Fixed a bug with 'nw' and 'sw' legend positions.
915 - Fixed a bug with multi-line x-axis tick labels. (reported by Luca Ciano,
916 IE-fix help by Savage Zhang)
918 - Using the "container" option in legend now overwrites the container element
919 instead of just appending to it, fixing the infinite legend bug. (reported
920 by several people, fix by Brad Dewey)
924 ## Flot 0.4 ##
926 ### API changes ###
928 Deprecated axis.noTicks in favor of just specifying the number as axis.ticks.
929 So ```xaxis: { noTicks: 10 }``` becomes ```xaxis: { ticks: 10 }```.
931 Time series support. Specify axis.mode: "time", put in Javascript timestamps
932 as data, and Flot will automatically spit out sensible ticks. Take a look at
933 the two new examples. The format can be customized with axis.timeformat and
934 axis.monthNames, or if that fails with axis.tickFormatter.
936 Support for colored background areas via grid.coloredAreas. Specify an array
937 of { x1, y1, x2, y2 } objects or a function that returns these given
938 { xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax }.
940 More members on the plot object (report by Chris Davies and others).
941 "getData" for inspecting the assigned settings on data series (e.g. color) and
942 "setData", "setupGrid" and "draw" for updating the contents without a total
943 replot.
945 The default number of ticks to aim for is now dependent on the size of the
946 plot in pixels. Support for customizing tick interval sizes directly with
947 axis.minTickSize and axis.tickSize.
949 Cleaned up the automatic axis scaling algorithm and fixed how it interacts
950 with ticks. Also fixed a couple of tick-related corner case bugs (one reported
951 by mainstreetmark, another reported by timothytoe).
953 The option axis.tickFormatter now takes a function with two parameters, the
954 second parameter is an optional object with information about the axis. It has
955 min, max, tickDecimals, tickSize.
957 ## Changes ##
959 - Added support for segmented lines. (based on patch from Michael MacDonald)
961 - Added support for ignoring null and bad values. (suggestion from Nick
962 Konidaris and joshwaihi)
964 - Added support for changing the border width. (thanks to joebno and safoo)
966 - Label colors can be changed via CSS by selecting the tickLabel class.
968 ## Bug fixes ##
970 - Fixed a bug in handling single-item bar series. (reported by Emil Filipov)
972 - Fixed erratic behaviour when interacting with the plot with IE 7. (reported
973 by Lau Bech Lauritzen).
975 - Prevent IE/Safari text selection when selecting stuff on the canvas.
979 ## Flot 0.3 ##
981 This is mostly a quick-fix release because jquery.js wasn't included in the
982 previous zip/tarball.
984 ## Changes ##
986 - Include jquery.js in the zip/tarball.
988 - Support clicking on the plot. Turn it on with grid: { clickable: true },
989 then you get a "plotclick" event on the graph placeholder with the position
990 in units of the plot.
992 ## Bug fixes ##
994 - Fixed a bug in dealing with data where min = max. (thanks to Michael
995 Messinides)
999 ## Flot 0.2 ##
1001 The API should now be fully documented.
1003 ### API changes ###
1005 Moved labelMargin option to grid from x/yaxis.
1007 ## Changes ##
1009 - Added support for putting a background behind the default legend. The
1010 default is the partly transparent background color. Added backgroundColor
1011 and backgroundOpacity to the legend options to control this.
1013 - The ticks options can now be a callback function that takes one parameter,
1014 an object with the attributes min and max. The function should return a
1015 ticks array.
1017 - Added labelFormatter option in legend, useful for turning the legend
1018 labels into links.
1020 - Reduced the size of the code. (patch by Guy Fraser)
1024 ## Flot 0.1 ##
1026 First public release.
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