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Change Makefile to use yui-compressor script directly, it appears to

be widely available in Linux distributions these days
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1 parent aea8e9f commit 3c1e90bed924d20417f77b7731f779a3e229bf61 @OleLaursen OleLaursen committed Mar 22, 2011
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@@ -1,15 +1,9 @@
# Makefile for generating minified files
-# if you need another compressor path, just copy the above line to a
-# file called Makefile.local, customize it and you're good to go
--include Makefile.local
.PHONY: all
# we cheat and process all .js files instead of an exhaustive list
all: $(patsubst %.js,%.min.js,$(filter-out %.min.js,$(wildcard *.js)))
%.min.js: %.js
- java -jar $(YUICOMPRESSOR_PATH) $< -o $@
+ yui-compressor $< -o $@

Saluev Aug 14, 2013

In MacOS yui-compressor command is called yuicompressor, with no hyphen.


dnschnur Aug 15, 2013


Thanks for the heads-up. We're switching to UglifyJS for 0.9, so this shouldn't matter anymore.

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