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Updated NEWS for axis text changes.

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@@ -17,12 +17,26 @@ standard strftime specifiers, plus one nonstandard specifier for quarters.
Additionally, if a strftime function is found in the Date object's prototype,
it will be used instead of the built-in formatter.
-Axis labels are now drawn with canvas text with some parsing to support
-newlines. This solves various issues but also means that they no longer
-support HTML markup, can be accessed as DOM elements or styled directly with
-CSS. Some older browsers lack this function of the canvas API (this doesn't
-affect IE); if this is a problem, either continue using an older version of
-Flot or try an emulation helper such as canvas-text or Flashcanvas.
+Axis tick labels now use the class 'flot-tick-label' instead of 'tickLabel'.
+The text containers for each axis now use the classes 'flot-[x|y]-axis' and
+'flot-[x|y]#-axis' instead of '[x|y]Axis' and '[x|y]#Axis'. For compatibility
+with Flot 0.7 and earlier text will continue to use the old classes as well,
+but they are considered deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
+A new plugin, jquery.flot.canvas.js, allows axis tick labels to be rendered
+directly to the canvas, rather than using HTML elements. This feature can be
+toggled with a simple option, making it easy to create interactive plots in the
+browser using HTML, then re-render them to canvas for export as an image.
+The plugin tries to remain as faithful as possible to the original HTML render,
+and goes so far as to automatically extract styles from CSS, to avoid having to
+provide a separate set of styles when rendering to canvas. Due to limitations
+of the canvas text API, the plugin cannot reproduce certain features, including
+HTML markup embedded in labels, and advanced text styles such as 'em' units.
+The plugin requires support for canvas text, which may not be present in some
+older browsers, even if they support the canvas tag itself. To use the plugin
+with these browsers try using a shim such as canvas-text or FlashCanvas.
The base and overlay canvas are now using the CSS classes "flot-base" and
"flot-overlay" to prevent accidental clashes (issue 540).

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