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Commits on Mar 7, 2013
  1. @dnschnur
  2. @dnschnur

    Axis and tick color options now make more sense.

    dnschnur authored
    The axis color now controls the color of the axis line, instead of its
    ticks and labels, while the tickColor controls the tick color. This
    makes a little more sense and provides the minor feature of being able
    to change the axis line color separately from that of its ticks.  Pull
    request #917 ought to be easier to merge now, too.
Commits on Mar 6, 2013
  1. @dnschnur
  2. @dnschnur
  3. @dnschnur

    Only save references to old Canvas methods once.

    dnschnur authored
    Plugins are re-initialized with each re-plot (which may not be the right
    thing to do, but that's how it works for now).  The previous approach of
    saving references to the original Canvas functions therefore broke,
    since the second time around we'd get a reference to our new function.
    Instead we hold those references as globals within the plugin, and only
    set them once.
    This whole idea of replacing prototype functions is, now that I step
    back and look at it, really awful.  This needs to be changed ASAP to
    something less ridiculous.
  4. @dnschnur

    Move canvas reuse up into the Canvas constructor.

    dnschnur authored
    This allows us to reuse the canvas elements without having to retain the
    rest of the Canvas object, which should really be reset when the plot is
    reconstructed.  It's also a little simpler, and the Canvas constructor
    just feels like the right place for this code.
  5. @dnschnur
  6. @dnschnur

    Merge pull request #980 from martinqt/examples

    dnschnur authored
    Update examples link to
  7. @dnschnur

    Merge pull request #981 from brianpeiris/patch-1

    dnschnur authored
    Add information about assigned issues.
  8. @dnschnur

    Merge pull request #979 from martinqt/copyright

    dnschnur authored
    Update copyright year; resolves #927.
Commits on Mar 5, 2013
  1. @brianpeiris
  2. @martinqt
  3. @martinqt

    Update js files

    martinqt authored
  4. @martinqt

    Update license

    martinqt authored
Commits on Mar 3, 2013
  1. @dnschnur

    Merge pull request #935 from dnschnur/canvas-text

    dnschnur authored
    Moved canvas text support into a plugin.
  2. @dnschnur
  3. @dnschnur
  4. @dnschnur

    Add back legacy styles for tick label containers.

    dnschnur authored
    These styles are deprecated, but we'll continue to use them until the
    release of version 1.0.0, for backwards-compatibility.
  5. @dnschnur
  6. @dnschnur

    Give tick labels the 'tickLabel' class.

    dnschnur authored
    The tickLabel class is deprecated in favor of flot-tick-label, but we'll
    continue to use it until the release of version 1.0.0, for
  7. @dnschnur
Commits on Mar 2, 2013
  1. @dnschnur

    Updated credits for #638 and #963.

    dnschnur authored
Commits on Mar 1, 2013
  1. @dnschnur

    Merge pull request #963 from rlinehan/selection_plugin_options

    dnschnur authored
    Added selection plugin options.
Commits on Feb 27, 2013
  1. @dnschnur

    Updated the pie 'combined' example.

    dnschnur authored
    Tweaked the description to indicate that we no longer combine single
    slices into 'other', and reduced the threshold from 10% to 5% to
    encourage more slices to combine in the demo.
  2. @dnschnur
  3. @dnschnur
Commits on Feb 26, 2013
  1. @rlinehan

    Make minSize customizable

    rlinehan authored
    Previously, the minimum size a selection could be was set at five
    pixels. This commit adds the ability to customize this value.
  2. @rlinehan

    Add option to always show selection rectangle

    rlinehan authored
    Previously, if the selected area was very small, the selection
    rectangle would not be displayed. This commit adds an "alwaysShow"
    option so that, when true, the selection rectangle will always be
    displayed. When the selected area is very small, the selection
    rectangle will become a line.
  3. @rlinehan

    Add option for lineJoin shape

    rlinehan authored
    This commit adds an option for the shape of the corners of the
    selection rectangle. By default the shape is set to "round" (the
    previous setting for lineJoin). The other options are "bevel" and
Commits on Feb 24, 2013
  1. @dnschnur

    Break text styles into their own cache tier.

    dnschnur authored
    Previously the cache was divided only by layer, with entries keyed on a
    string built from the text and style.  Now the style has its own tier in
    the cache, i.e. layers > styles > text > info.
    This introduces some complexity, since the nested for loops are ugly,
    but at the same time we avoid having to create the cache-key strings.
    More importantly it solves the problem of uniqueness that exists when we
    try to join strings that may contain arbitrary text.  It also allows a
    further optimization in the canvas plugin, which can now set text style
    and color just once per distinct style, instead of with every string.
  2. @dnschnur

    Allow text to be divided between multiple layers.

    dnschnur authored
    This lets users 'namespace' text more naturally, i.e. placing x-axis
    labels in a different container from y-axis labels, providing more
    flexibility when it comes to styling and interactivity.
    Internally the text cache now has a second tier: layers > text > info.
  3. @dnschnur

    Add text to its actual layer before measuring it.

    dnschnur authored
    The getTextInfo method previously added new text to the top-level
    container when measuring it.  Now it adds the text to the text layer,
    just as it will be when rendered, so that parent-child CSS rules can
    resolve correctly.
    This also avoids having to safe a reference to the top-level container,
    since it wasn't used anywhere else.
  4. @dnschnur

    Factor out text layer creation to its own method.

    dnschnur authored
    This sets the stage for allowing the use of multiple layers.
  5. @dnschnur

    Reverse cache key order to ensure uniqueness.

    dnschnur authored
    Also switch from dashes to pipes, and remove the angle for now, since we
    don't currently support rotated text.
Commits on Feb 23, 2013
  1. @dnschnur

    Replace drawText with add and remove methods.

    dnschnur authored
    Every cache element now contains the actual text element instead of just
    its HTML, plus a flag indicating whether it is visible.  The addText and
    removeText methods control the state of this flag, and the render method
    uses it to manage elements within the text container.  So where we
    previously used drawText to actually render text, now we add each string
    once, then let the render method take care of drawing them as necessary.
    This dramatically improves performance by eliminating the need to clear
    and re-populate HTML text on every drawing cycle.  Since the elements
    are now static between add/remove calls, this also allows users to add
    interactivity, as they could in 0.7.  Finally, it eliminates the need
    for a separate 'hot' cache.
    I also removed the unnecessary 'dimensions' object; it's easier and
    faster to store the width and height at the top level of the info
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