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ameyms commented Oct 24, 2013

Not really an 'issue' but, could the default branch for the repo be please set to 0.9-work ?
It will really help when raising PRs and while browsing code via github website.


nschonni commented Oct 24, 2013

I think setting the default branch to and unreleased version would be more confusing. master is still being used for the 0.8 maintenance releases


dnschnur commented Oct 25, 2013

This was something that I debated for a while. Working from master is certainly easier, but my experience from the period between 0.7 and 0.8 was that too many people were putting master into production and then wondering why it broke when those experimental interfaces had changed by release time.

Hopefully the project page will help, since many users now just download the static zip from there, leaving Github for the more serious ones who perhaps want to contribute. But even so, I wanted to keep master more stable to help with that.

The other key reason is that it's the most straightforward way to release minor versions while still working on the next major one. With 0.7 we had all sorts of important bug fixes sitting in master, but no way to get them out to people without also exposing them to the experimental stuff. To do that required release branches, and I could either leave master unstable (0.9) and add 0.8.x branches, or leave master as 0.8.x and add major-version branches.

The latter is better because it simplifies tagging; we just tag master with each new release. This works nicely with, e.g. jQuery's plugins site, and is easy to understand.

I agree, though, that it would be nice if GH provided some shortcuts for working on remote branches.

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ameyms commented Oct 25, 2013

I am sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough.
I completely agree with your points and I wasn't suggesting that the main development branch be master.

I was simply suggesting that the 'default' branch be changed to 0.9-work.
One can do so through the repository settings


dnschnur commented Nov 2, 2013

I'm still not sure this is the right thing to do, but I'm re-opening it to consider again.

@dnschnur dnschnur reopened this Nov 2, 2013


dnschnur commented Jan 26, 2014

I've decided not to do this; I think having an unstable branch as the default, while more convenient for contributors, would confuse users.

@dnschnur dnschnur closed this Jan 26, 2014

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