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dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

Original author: (January 03, 2010 11:52:26)

By taking a closer look to stacked chart and using it for some samples, a
Bridge-chart was my first step. This can be used to show how values
changed between two points like previous year to actual year.
Attached image migth give an idea.
I would like to add this as a plugin to flot. Due to lack of
understanding, I have some questions. Would it be better to

  • create a new plugin
    • would not like to redo all of Chart
    • how can I do Bridge-processing first and then let Stacked do the job
    • is there a way to set sequence of hookups
  • add this to existing Stacked Plugin
    • this is not mine, so I have (at least) ask the owner for permission
      My first version of source is attached.
      Any comment would be helpful.

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dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

From on January 05, 2010 08:31:27
Played around stack plugin some time and came to attached files

  • my version of stack-plugin
  • one example
    BTW Flot is beautiful
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